Time For Opera To Rock

Following last night's Opera Rocks launch party, Opera Software released Opera 9.5 today, the latest beta release the of popular alternative web-browser.

The beta release includes numerous bug fixes, and focuses on speed and compatibility. Features include better integration with Linux and Mac OS X, a revamped mail client, the ability to restore closed windows, and the ability to search the browser's full history. The package can be downloaded from Opera's website.

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Justin Ryan is a Contributing Editor for Linux Journal.


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Its not to late

db's picture

As much as some people might not agree I don't think its to late for Opera. Most people use Explorer and its buggy as heck. If you can convert some of those users thats one potential base of new users. And what about those thousands of people who log onto the web for the first time every day. Sure they might not live in the over developed world but they are still users.