Turbolinux Goes Microsoft

Turbolinux, a major presence in the Asian Linux market, inked a deal today with Microsoft, to provide the ever-popular “patent assurances” as well as access to Live Search and a planned cross-platform login. The deal apparently centers around a plan to provide single-login functionality for both Windows and Linux, allowing a single user login to transfer between platforms.

Turbolinux executives are bragging that the deal makes them "the Linux distribution that works best with Microsoft," a dubious distinction indeed.

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Justin Ryan is a Contributing Editor for Linux Journal.


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Whats even worst is the "catchy slogan"

Cesar Santamaria's picture

Its a total pity that they fell in MS spiderweb. Lets hope they open their eyes like Novell and start running away from this. What a mess; they may be in red numbers or blinded with profit hunger.

the sick and the weak...

ebradley01's picture

seems as if MS is only going after (or is it attracting?) the 'low-hanging fruit' of the Linux distro world. At least this will help thin the herd and take care of some of that 'distro fragmentation' people complain about! :-\


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