Environmentally Friendly Computers

ComputerEcology is a group that discusses ways to make computers less harmful to our environment and to solve many ecological issues. They explain how to use Linux to save power and consumables like paper and ink. Since it does not require big hardware, Linux may be used with old computers to make their life cycle longer. Games may be used in environmental education and software is available to simulate ecological processes.

Kevin from Oregon, USA who introduced us to this Dot Org of the Week tells us, "Once again creative people are finding great ways to solve real-world problems using open technology. I can attest to using a computer for longer because of Linux. I just retired my 11 year-old machine, built around a 200MHz Pentium I. The computer had been the main one for the family, and was running IceWM on Mandrake 9.0. IceWM is just one of several window managers which run nicely on lesser powered machines. Many of its parts will be reused, and those that aren't will be recycled through FreeGeek.org."

Learn more about ComputerEcology.

Do you know of a Dot Org in the Linux or Open Source worlds that is making a valiant contribution to our Community - without getting paid for it? If so, let us know about it. We want to recognize their efforts. We also want to give you a free t-shirt for your efforts!


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Seminole County Schools re-cycling computers to students

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Seminole County Schools, Florida: Used computers such as Dell Optiplex 700 mhz systems have life remaining, and 7 families showed up on November 10th to claim one each. The goal is to re-use 'out-dated units pulled from classrooms, instead of seeing them sent to the dumpster, and on to a landfill.

Students as young as 5 helped wire up and install Edubuntu Linux on the system of their choice.
New speakers and Ethernet cables were provided.

Stephanie Petris, the Educational Technology Facilitator at Winter Springs Elementary School, directed the Seminole County Schools sponsored program November 10th, 2006, to donate computers to families that include home schooled students.

Members of Linux Enthusiasts And Professionals - Central Florida ( http://leap-cf.org ) assisted, and some members have promised to also provide some support services over the internet or by telephone.

Each family member attending the GNU/Linux install fest connected all the systems cables, powered up the computers, and accomplished tasks that included writing a sentence in Open Office and saving it in .doc format, browsing the Edubuntu educational software, downloading programs such as Tux Paint from the Internet Servers, opening applications, creating new users, and running other GNU programs.

Surprising that young children seem so eager to embrace Tux, and are so competent at the tasks, some teaching Moms or Grandparents how it all works!

Another event, for a dozen families, is scheduled for November 15, 2007 at 6:30 PM.

LEAP - CF also provides support and installation to the Wilford Woodruff Academy, in Winter Park, Florida, providing classes for K-12 students, with three classrooms of 1.5 Ghz Compaq computers,running Fedora, connected through a Quad CentOS server and protected by IPCOP firewall/routers, running Spam Assassin and Dan's Guardian. All computer equipment at the Wilford Woodruff Academy is courtesy of Disney World Corporation. LEAP-CF.ORG provides routers, switches, wiring, and CD/DVDroms.

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