Linux Journal Is Recruiting

If you're attending LinuxWorld, and would like to contribute to LJ, come meet with some Linux Journal editors and tell us your interests. We'll be at the XYZ Lounge at the W Hotel in San Francisco on August 7th from 1:30pm to 5:30pm. We're looking for new writers, reviewers and people interested in participating on a new reader advisory board. Hope to see you there!

PS. We'll have beer.


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We're looking for new writers, reviewers and people interested in participating on new a reader advisory board.

It's obvious you need some reviewers... Dyslexic much? ;)

much too not

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it fix I'll.

I would love to attend to

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I would love to attend to discuss things. Do you want my address to send a ticket to me so I can fly from Europe?

Meeting required?

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Same here - am interested to help out but I am in the Philippines so I do not know how I can attend a meeting without spending USD1500 for plane fare.

Update Frequency

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It's quite a shame that LJ does not get updated quite as often as it could.

Linux Journal Is Recruiting

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I will not be able to attend the conference. I would love to talk to someone about participating. Is there an email or forum established to do this or, do you need to attend to be considered.

Thank you

E-mail good too...

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If interested in working with Linux Journal, please feel free to e-mail us at (please note a subject line of "Recruiting" so we can have the appropriate editor get back to you quickly).

There's some very generic info about writing for LJ here, although I should point out that I know our editorial team would like to chat with everyone directly so please don't not contact us because you got lost in the rules and regulations of writing for LJ after reading the above. ;)

Hope to hear from you.

Carlie Fairchild
Linux Journal