Some Ruby Before Christmas

'Twas the Saturday before Christmas and throughout Ruby-land
hackers were working, refact'ring by hand.
Their programs were written with the greatest of care
in hopes that a new VM soon would be there.
The newsgroup was still, the irc channels too
In light of the quiet, what's a blogger to do?
When up on the mail list, there arose such a clatter
I sprang to my laptop to see what was the matter.
When what to my wondering eyes should appear
but a great bunch of news before the New Year.

Well, Clement Clark Moore I'm not, but this has been a great couple of weeks for Ruby, and those of us who enjoy it:

I hope you're looking forward to a great 2007, full of Ruby goodness. Have a happy holiday season.

Update: I nearly forgot Jeremy McAnally's announcement (the last item on the list).


-- -pate


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Tiwarker's picture

I am personally a very big fan of ruby and ajax !!
However its still learning ruby techniques.

Ruby on Mac anyone?

Quelle Gutschein's picture

has anyone a good dev environment for mac? i'm fed up using bbedit :/


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I think i need to bookmark this post at delicious..

This year again?

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"the same procedure like every year" ... i hope you have this year xmas a little bit ruby too, i like your articles. but i hate those spamers here, can someone delete them, please? Pat i await your little xmas-present (new article with the same amazing stuff) maybe at 23.12.2007? i`m looking forward it.

I hope

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I hope too also. It will be good if it does..


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I hope so too

Ruby on

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Ruby is a powerful framework but dont't depends on christmas.


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is this article for xmas 2007 also? :-) okay just a joke, u have some really interesting resource there and i hope u had your nice xmas 2006 and write some good stuff for 2007 too, im looking forward.

best wishes


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Great work. Still in 2007

no subject

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Well, call it whatever u want.

Great work!

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Excellent article its realy helpful, keep up the good work!
Thank you.


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Very useful. I found this to be a joy to browse in.


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I don't have to explain anything to you...

Great resource. Thanks!

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Great resource. Thanks!

Indeed very usefull reading

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Indeed very usefull reading, just joining with the others to say thanks.

ha ha Yes, has been a great

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Yes, has been a great weeks for Ruby


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Love it!

Thank you

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Very usefull article. Thank you!

Some Ruby Before Christmas

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Great and excellent article t’s realy helpful. Thanks again.


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Captioning for video, please. If people don't know how to manage that, I'm available

Cheers mate !

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Cheers mate !

Not depending on 2007, this

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Not depending on 2007, this article are actual in any time. Thank you for this, very helpful.

seriously very helpfull

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thiz is really very much helpfull.


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