Using WebKit in Your Desktop Application

Include Web content in your desktop application with WebKit.

The inclusion of WebKit into Qt provides the opportunity for a number of very interesting applications to be developed. It will no doubt be utilized in many different types of applications, from desktop Web applications to applications that use it to display and manipulate HTML. QtWebKit has come a long way since the port was initially started two years ago. It will be exciting to see how QtWebKit improves and what people create with it.

Benjamin Meyer is a happily married hacker. He has been developing with Qt for 11 years, and he has worked on many tools and applications, such as KDE's audiocd ioslave, System Settings, KAutoConfig, KAudiocreator, QAutotestGenerator, Valgrind Tools, NetflixRecommenderFramework, Zaurus applications and much more. He collects Transformers and runs the site



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Detect site unavailable

Anonymous's picture

Very thanks.
How did I detect if remote site is currently unavailable ?

I did try to override QWebView.load(*) method,
use QTcpSocket before load a remote URL.

But this way will take maybe 3 seconds for every time load a new URL...
Any suggestion ?

learning qt , very

Anonymous's picture

learning qt , very helpful!

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