SNMP Monitoring with Nagios

Using Nagios, you can monitor Dell servers with SNMP via Dell's server administration tools.

Jason Ellison ( is an independent IT consultant in the Gulf Coast area. He can be reached at



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why reinvent the wheel :-)

natxo asenjo's picture

check_openmanage does all you need and is (at this point) a better solution for nagios.

Wheel wasn't reinvented

Trond H. Amundsen's picture

I feel the need to comment on this. I am the author of the check_openmanage plugin. I know for a fact that Jason's plugin existed long before check_openmanage, so to be precise it was I who reinvented the wheel. Also, our two plugins are different in their focus, and I believe that both are needed. Users can choose whichever plugin they want, among these two and many others. Isn't open source great :)

Besides that, I really enjoyed Jason's article. It explains in a detailed and concise manner how one goes about to monitor something with SNMP, and how to integrate this with Nagios. This is universally useful to many out there.

Thanks for a great article, Jason!


MonitorSNMP is a free

Anonymous's picture

MonitorSNMP is a free monitoring service, basic but provides notification based on rules. Easy to setup and use. Take a look