Rich Cross-Platform Desktop Applications Using Open-Source Titanium

The Titanium open-source platform lets Web developers leverage their Web skills for creating desktop applications.
Getting Rich on the Desktop

Looking back, I wish that Titanium had already existed when my client asked me to do that project to store voice files. It would have saved me a lot of trouble fiddling with other solutions that couldn't truly satisfy the requirements of real, rich desktop development.

The good thing is that Titanium already is here, ready for action. You can download the SDK now, play with Titanium and join in on the community discussions to learn more about it.

Yes, Titanium might be a relatively new project. However, with the rapid rate of development I've seen so far, I'm planning to use Titanium to power the next generation of better, and certainly more powerful, desktop applications.

Mark Obcena is a professional Code Sport player from Manila, Philippines. Aside from being a core contributor and platform evangelist for Appcelerator Titanium, he also contributes to several open-source, Web development-related projects. When he's not practicing his patented Backhand JS-Closure Attack, he writes about design, development and all things nifty for his site, Keetology (



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Titanium: good idea, bad implementation

Anonymous's picture

...except, the product is unreliable as stink (I am using 0.82). I am surprised you were able to get your example code running. Every corner I discover new show-stopper bugs that shouldn't even be in a beta product. On top of that, because you rely on their "cloud", you are at the mercy of their server code too - which is crazy unreliable. I would say 90% of the time I am not even able to get an installer built! And, once the installer is made, often it is corrupt - or doesn't install properly. Just go try to install some of the "example" apps on appcelerator's site - I only tried 3, but 2 wouldn't install properly. Geesh!

The idea is terrific: native apps with a UI in an embedded webkit. But the implementation is weird and unreliable. And, the whole so-called "cloud" bit to their development story is ridiculous. Let's hope 1.0 is dramatically better quality.