A Review of the Always Innovating Touchbook

Take an ARM Processor (the OMAP3530) add a touchscreen and Linux and a quart of uniqueness, and what do you get? A Touchbook from Always Innovating, that's what.

In the final analysis, I like the hardware much more than I like the software, and I like the Touchbook's potential more than I like its current state. If you just want a Netbook that works, stay away for now. If, however, you like tinkering and don't mind a bumpy road, there's a lot to like.

Daniel Bartholomew lives with his wife and children in North Carolina. His on-line home is at daniel-bartholomew.com.



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Too bad I can't have one

Anonymous's picture

I'd love to buy one of these, but I can't see spending money now just to wait 6 months for the device to *maybe* be shipped, while never hearing from the company. This is pretty much what people have been reporting in the forums, and now apparently they aren't even making them:


Why would you suspend production when an order backlog exists?

Just for hacking.

Anonymous's picture

It sounds fun to tear apart and fool with but not good for much else. I'll stick to an iPad - usable for non-geek-wanking stiff but still plenty hackable.

Really interesting product

Angel Lightbringer's picture

I've read about the beagle board before, and I am very pleased to see some people actually had an excellent use for it.

I am looking forward to buy one of those in the future -- the touchbook -- maybe when Always Innovating clears the order backlog and finds a way to keep it low.