Podcast Recording Shootout

So many VoIP programs, so little time. What's a podcaster to do?

Of the two, on technical merits, Gizmo is the clear victor over most of the field. Happily, it's also the winner on cultural merits. However, Skype is used more widely, and potential guests are more likely to be familiar with it. The different network architectures of the two services gives an odd kind of redundancy—often, when one's sound quality stinks, the other's works gloriously. My advice: keep them both around. But, when it comes time to buy call-out credits or to get a call-in number, stick with Gizmo.

Dan Sawyer is the founder of ArtisticWhispers Productions (www.artisticwhispers.com), a small audio/video studio in the San Francisco Bay Area. He has been an enthusiastic advocate for free and open-source software since the late 1990s, when he founded the Blenderwars filmmaking community (www.blenderwars.com). He currently is the host of “The Polyschizmatic Reprobates Hour”, a cultural commentary podcast, and “Sculpting God”, a science-fiction anthology podcast. Author contact information is available at www.jdsawyer.net.