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Exporting NFS simple name

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Would you know how I get OF 2.3 to export NFS in a simple config ie. machine:/share?

According to documentation I've read in many and varied places, Windows NFS Client (SFU 3.5 or R2 versions) cannot access multipath exports ie. machine:/mnt/dir1/dir2/dir2/share via UNC paths. Yes I can map them to a drive letter or browse via Network Neighbourhood but that is of no use to my application.

I cannot get a response to my question on OF forums.


Verry Jerkish of them.

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Stumbled on your entry in their forums after looking for the same answer, then found your entry here. Its actually pretty simple.
On the system tab, scroll down to networks, and add the ip address of your host, with a mask of and permissions of share.
Then on your shares tab choose your share, or create a new one and set the access control to Public Guest. Then in the NFS section choose the bubble of what permissions you want it to have. Click Update!
All should work as expected after that.


Forgot this

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if you want/need any other help just twitter me at feekes