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John Knight is a 24-year-old, drumming- and climbing-obsessed maniac from the world's most isolated city—Perth, Western Australia. He can usually be found either buried in an Audacity screen or thrashing a kick-drum beyond recognition.


John Knight is the New Projects columnist for Linux Journal.


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Get a legal high with brainwave entrainment

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Yes you can have a legal high with brainwave entrainment. Try to get the gamma brwainwaves here

Binaural beats can be used for self improvement

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Exposure to binaural beats in an environment of restricted stimulation coupled with a guidance process can safely provide access to and experiences in many propitious states of consciousness.

This method requires a unique combination of well-understood psycho-physiological inductive techniques with the addition of a refined binaural-beat technology.

Binaural beats provide potential consciousness-altering information to the brain's reticular activating system. The reticular activating system in turn interprets and reacts to this information by stimulating the thalamus and cortex -
thereby altering arousal states, attentional focus, and the level of awareness, i.e., the elements of consciousness itself.

This effective binaural-beat process offers a wide variety of beneficial applications and vehicle for the exploration
of expanded states of consciousness.

Jeff Galfione
binaural beats

Brainwave entrainment not always work for all people

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Excellent post. However not all people seem to react in the same way to brain entrain.

If you want to know if brainwave entrainment works for you , give a try here: