New Products

Memopal's On-Line Backup Utility

European companies often get the jump on their North American counterparts regarding the addition of Linux compatibility. A fine example is Italy's Memopal, which now offers a Linux version of its on-line backup utility. Memopal offers automatic and continuous backup to a remote server via a secure Internet connection, a service that has been lacking in the Linux space. The company claims that its Memopal Global File System archiving technology provides a distributed filesystem that supports up to 100 million terabytes of storage, transparent read-write compression, hot-add scalability and more. In beta at the time of this writing, Memopal for Linux supports Ubuntu 8.04 and Debian Etch.

William Lawrence's Using the Asus Eee PC (Que)

While other laptops hog the mainstream media glory, the Linux-based ASUSTeK's Eee PC is the underdog “little PC that could”. To get to know this now darling of the Linux community, get your hands on William Lawrence's Using the Eee PC from Que. The book covers everything from turning on the machine and connecting it to the Internet, as well as how to upgrade and update it. The machine-book combination will help you convert your loved ones to Linux while keeping their after-hours tech-support calls to you at a minimum.


James Gray is Products Editor for Linux Journal.