New Products

Plat'Home's OpenMicroServer, FreeIPA, Trusted Computer Solutions' Security Blanket Enterprise Edition and more.
Trusted Computer Solutions' Security Blanket Enterprise Edition

Trusted Computer Solutions has released version 2.0 of Security Blanket application, which also now includes an enterprise edition. Security Blanket is an automated system lockdown and security management tool for Linux. Security Blanket 2.0 enables system administrators to configure and enhance the security of their Linux platforms automatically by simplifying the hardening process that must be undertaken on a regular basis to meet security compliance requirements. Various security guidelines are included. Other key advancements in version 2.0 include the ability to manage local and remote Linux servers from a centralized management console and a Web-based interface for remote access. The application supports Red Hat Enterprise Linux versions 4 and 5, CentOS versions 4 and 5, and Oracle Enterprise Linux versions 4 and 5, and it runs on SELinux, enforcing the default targeted policy provided with the operating system.

Tripwire Enterprise 7.1

The idea behind Tripwire Enterprise, upgraded recently to version 7.1, is to keep your IT expertise from walking out the door. The solution maximizes the use of IT expertise throughout an organization by capturing and replicating this knowledge across all IT systems. It ensures IT configuration integrity across the entire IT infrastructure and manages internal and external policies. Two key features include Golden Policies and Remediation Advisor. Golden Policies capture and replicate gold configurations and act like a “consultant in a box” that maximize the value of IT experts by replicating their IP (optimal configuration settings) across the IT infrastructure. In addition, Golden Policies help ensure IT personnel are proactively made aware of any configuration drift. The Remediation Advisor functionality provides step-by-step remediation, based on a wide variety of external IT resources, keeping staff from hours of research and reducing the time and effort needed to remediate problems.

Ixonos Mobile Television Reception Solution

In a move to help device manufacturers create novel mobile services of interest to large consumer audiences, Ixonos has developed a television reception solution for its Linux-based mobile platform. The solution enables reception of, among others, DVB-T and DVB-H transmissions and also can repeat them over a local area network. The video player used for TV reception also is the multimedia player for the entire platform and is based on the open-source MPlayer. Ixonos claims to be among the first companies to bring DVB-H reception to a Linux-based smartphone. The latest H.264 and AAC technologies are used as video and audio codecs.


James Gray is Products Editor for Linux Journal.