New Products

Black Duck Software's Enterprise Code Search Initiative

Continuing on its mission to improve open-source-based software development, Black Duck Software recently released several new elements in its Enterprise Code Search Initiative. The code search initiative involves three phases: expansion of open-source code available at, release of Black Duck Code Sight Enterprise Edition and Free Edition for enterprise code search and an open integration framework initiative for community expansion of integrations with source code management systems. is Black Duck's free code search Web site that has been expanded to access more than 2.5 billion lines of open-source code. Black Duck Code Sight is a tool offering enterprise-level code search capability that can index and make software searchable across multiple source code repositories for local or geographically distributed development teams. Finally, the open integration framework offers built-in integration for IBM Rational ClearCase, Subversion, Git, Microsoft Team Foundation Server and other code management systems.

Gluster Storage Platform

The new Gluster Storage Platform combines the GlusterFS filesystem with a new user interface and operating system layer for massively increased performance and improved ease of use. Gluster says that its product allows one to “deploy petabyte-scale storage on industry-standard hardware in just 15 minutes with centralized management and automated maintenance”. It works by clustering together storage building blocks, aggregating disk and memory resources and managing data in a single unified namespace. Advantages include low storage cost, high scalability, no bottlenecks (thanks to the lack of a metadata server) and virtual storage for virtual servers.


James Gray is Products Editor for Linux Journal.