New Products

Cohesive Flexible Technologies' Elastic Server On-Demand Community Edition, TotalView Technologies' Workbench Manager and more.
Open-Xchange Community Edition

You can feel the trembling emanating from Redmond after Open-Xchange's announcement of its newly GPL'd Open-Xchange Community Edition (OXCE). Open-Xchange calls OXCE “the only remaining independent open-source alternative to Microsoft Exchange” and offers the necessary tools to facilitate communication and teamwork: e=mail, calendaring, contacts, tasks and document sharing. The company further cites its intuitive tools and intelligent features, such as smart links between calendar appointments, task lists, contacts, documents, bookmarks, knowledge articles and Ajax-based mashup capabilities by Netvibes' Universal Widget API (UWA). Initially, OXCE is available for Debian and Ubuntu, with additional Linux distribution support coming later.

Sybase's Adaptive Server Enterprise Cluster Edition

If downtime ain't an option for your database, Sybase hopes you'll deploy its new Adaptive Server Enterprise (ASE) Cluster Edition. The technology enables enterprises to deploy database environments across shared servers in a cluster, which offers the added benefit of optimal service through events such as system failures, peak loads and planned maintenance. In addition, Sybase's product allows for savings in hardware and power costs through optimal resource utilization. Another technology, Virtualized Resource Management, supplies application workloads with a virtual view of the physical cluster that can be changed dynamically on demand. ASE Cluster Edition is available for Red Hat and SUSE Linux, as well as 64-bit Solaris.


James Gray is Products Editor for Linux Journal

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