New Products

The Amanda Company's Vdex-40, SIMPOL's Developer Kit with Desktop, Hyperic's Hyperic HQ and more.
Navicron's Fusionplatform and Fusionsoftware

Pushing the envelope on mobile wireless devices, Navicron recently introduced two new products: fusionplatform, a reference, high-performance, mobile entertainment engine; and fusionsoftware, a Linux-based platform with a GTK-based front end for application development. Navicron stresses the integration value of the two products that are “designed from the ground up and optimized for wireless consumer electronics and handheld products based on Linux” or other OSes. Fusionplatform contains a powerful multimedia application processor and support for the latest wireless standards and multimedia features. Components can be added, left out and upgraded/downgraded simply. Navicron also cites advantages from using open source, which offers “unparalleled mobile multimedia experiences to consumers”.

Azingo's Azingo Mobile

In yet another instance of Linux's agility on diverse devices, Azingo has released Azingo Mobile, a suite of open mobile software and services that help companies deliver rich multimedia experiences to a wider range of mobile phones. Based on LiMo Foundation specifications, the suite allows handset makers and operators to “plug in” a comprehensive and pre-integrated mobile middleware framework that provides a variety of out-of-the-box applications and an Eclipse-based SDK. Azingo says that the product accelerates time to market and allows for lower-cost phones to offer the latest multimedia and UI innovations. The Linux-based software platform also includes a feature-rich browser; a highly configurable UI; media players for music, video and photos; a mobile-optimized Linux kernel and more. Finally, Azingo says that its platform can be integrated into new handset and chipset designs.

No Tech Hacking by Johnny Long and Kevin Mitnick (Syngress)

If security is on your shoulders, you may want to get insights from the new book No Tech Hacking: A Guide to Social Engineering, Dumpster Diving, and Shoulder Surfing by Johnny Long and Kevin Mitnick and published by Syngress. No Tech is an irreverent, behind-the-scenes memoir of two professional hackers wreaking havoc. Long and Mitnick take the readers along as they break in to buildings, slip past industrial-grade firewalls and scores of other high-tech protection systems put up to thwart intruders. After hundreds of jobs, the authors reveal their secrets behind bypassing every conceivable security system. Included are photos, videos and stories that show how vulnerable the high-tech world is to no-tech attacks.


James Gray is Products Editor for Linux Journal.