Mobile IPv6 with Linux

Augmenting IP with movement awareness.

The Internet Protocol, merged nets into the global metanet we called the Internet. IP provided connectivity that is independent on the underlying hardware and the served applications. The homogeneous addressing of IP and its simplicity enabled it to scale. MIP's goal is to bring to mobility the merits IP brought to connectivity. This means mobility that can scale to the size of the Internet, is application-independent and is available across heterogeneous wired and wireless access technologies. MIPL provides a free and flexible platform for you to participate in pursuing that vision. Happy and seamless roaming!

Salah M. S. Al-Buraiky is a communication engineer working for the Data Network Engineering Division (DNED) of Saudi Aramco. His interests include UNIX systems and datagram networks. He is particularly interested in “beyond connectivity services”, such as multicast, mobility, quality of service and IP security. He welcomes your comments at



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MIPL site is down.

Mahipal Rao's picture

I am trying to setup MIP for IPv6 but unable to get the kernel patch for it as mipl site is down always. Is there any alternate place for the patch against 2.6.16 to download?