Linux Journal Contents #187, November 2009

Linux Journal Issue #187/November 2009

It doesn't matter how big your infrastructure is, even if it's planetary sized, Linux can handle it. Got massive amounts of data to analyze? Check out our article on IBM's InfoSphere Streams. Need a SAN on a budget, use Linux to provide it. Messaging problems, try AMQP (Advanced Message Queuing Protocol). In addition to our feature articles, don't miss our articles on RSpec, DEFCON, Ext3 vs XFS, Virtualization, HIPL, Pokerth, X-Moto and more.





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Typo on page 42

Scott Conrad's picture

Just got the digital download of Issue 187 (Nov 2009).
There's a typo in the title of the virtualization article.
VirtualBox is rendered as VirutalBox....

Thanks for a great issue in all other respects!