Linux Device Roundup

Four Linux device experts offer their opinions on the state of Linux devices and tell you about their must-have favorites.
What are your favorite recent Linux-powered devices and why?

Kingman: Limiting myself to currently available offerings:

  • Netflix Player—instant movie gratification!

  • Nokia N810—sofa surfing!

  • Motorola U9—ooh, curvy!

  • MooBella ice cream machine—moo!

  • The ones you build yourself—custom!

Lehrbaum: As mentioned above, the Roku Netflix box. Key features are its low cost, simplicity, low power consumption, ease of wireless configuration and a very nice, clean UI.

Powers: Although I've never touched one, the Nokia devices look like awesome little handheld devices. The ASUS Eee PC 701 was very significant, and even if just by merit of originality, it's one of my favorites. I like the OpenMoko FreeRunner, and although it's not ready for prime time yet, I think it might be a huge boon to Linux-based cellular phones. Add in the adorable Tux Droid, and I think you have a handful of really nifty Linux devices. One is even penguin-shaped. [See page 46 for a review of the OpenMoko Neo FreeRunner and page 64 for an article on hacking Nokia Internet tablets.]

Weinberg: On a purely personal note, some of my favorite Linux-based devices from recent years include:

  • TomTom navigation systems.

  • Kangaroo TV (NASCAR streaming video).

  • Dash in-car navigation with real-time interactive traffic data. [See Kyle Rankin's review of the Dash on page 50.]

  • BMW Series 3 and 5 vehicles.


James Gray is Products Editor for Linux Journal.