Keep on Blogging in a Free World

WordPress founder and open-source crusader Matt Mullenweg talks to us about his evolving and ever-popular blogging platform.

Katherine Druckman is an HTML-flinging, PHP-hacking LJ Webmistress by day, and a refined connoisseur of classic architecture and fine Chinese ceramics by night. She usually can be found surrounded by the charm of aging Texas buildings from the pioneer days or appreciating ceramics of the Song and Qing dynasties. Well, either that or sitting in a comfy chair with a laptop. Yeah, probably the laptop thing.


Katherine Druckman is webmistress at You might find her chatting on the IRC channel or on Twitter.


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This was a great interview

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This was a great interview and he's a genius, but I still think that Drupal web content management is superior to Wordpress, maybe not in appearance, but definitely in it's content and safety.