iPod + Rockbox = Entertainment Extravaganza

What's cooler than a box of rocks? Well, a lot, but not much is cooler than Rockbox on your iPod!
Final Thoughts

I'm sure on an iPod with a color display, the features would have been even more visually appealing. Running it on the iPod Mini was a good way to compare it to the simplicity of the Apple firmware though. Rockbox does exactly what it says it will do. It met all my expectations and exceeded them in many areas (namely, the quality and quantity of games). Oddly enough, however, more often than not I found myself booting the iPod into the original Apple firmware. That's not to say I don't reboot into Rockbox when I have time to play around, but for listening to music, I have to give the advantage to Apple. The one thing I'm thankful for, is that with Rockbox, at least I have a choice. My choice is to keep both operating systems on board, because quite honestly, they're both great.

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Simplicity would be nice, yes. The other stuff is easy though.

NASA's headless astronauts's picture

It'd be nice to have a more simple Rockbox UI, yeah. I hope someone comes up with a nice way to edit the menus, that way perhaps we could download new customized UI's and some day _perhaps_ someone would think to make one that's as simple as the original one, only allowing us to play OGG files and shuffling a single playlist (the two things I miss in Apple's firmware).

BTW, for iTunes users, there's a method for playlist conversion. Basically, it boils down to using Songbird with the Playlist Export Tool to turn the playlists into m3u files and moving those over to your iPod.

For synchronization I use:

rsync -avW --progress --size-only --delete ~/Music/* /Volumes/IPODNAME/Music/

And put database.ignore in the iPod_Control/Music folder, since my 60GB iPod is more than big enough to hold two copies of my music library.