Hacking Your Portable Linux Server

Turn a Western Digital MyBook II into a personalized, portable Linux server.

The WD Mybook II World Edition is clearly a device warranting the attention of hardware hackers looking for a small, cheap, low-power platform on which to build their projects. Western Digital's wisdom in not stripping the system portion of the device should be recognized in that it has provided us with a wonderful target for our tinkering. Although sporting only 98 BogoMIPS, its hardware has unusual capabilities (hardware AES encryption and native support for Java bytecode among them) that provide further application levers for our appliance-building projects. I introduced here the hardware, its capabilities, how to breach its security and how to enable it with top-class network configuration at bootup on nearly any network. I hope you, the reader, will follow me and others in this exploration of what our imaginations can make of this small hardware wonder.

Federico Lucifredi is the maintainer of “man” as well as the Systems Management Product Manager for the OpenSUSE and SUSE Linux Enterprise product lines at Novell. He loves to tinker with old hardware and build contraptions that puzzle his colleagues.