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Why let your Wii have all the fun? Find out how to connect your Wiimote to your computer and use it as a mouse or an input device for any number of popular gaming emulators.

Kyle Rankin is Chief Security Officer at Purism, a company focused on computers that respect your privacy, security, and freedom. He is the author of many books including Linux Hardening in Hostile Networks, DevOps Troubleshooting and The Official Ubuntu


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Thad Boyd's picture

Okay, so you've got a script for fceu, one for snes9x, etc. That's cool, but it seems that you have to restart wminput manually every time you want to switch config files, which really inhibits its usefulness as a remote control for an HTPC. I'd like to be able to use my remote to select an NES game in my MythGame list, then turn it sideways and use it as an NES controller -- without resorting to hacks like, say, setting the Up arrow key to work as Left on the NES D-Pad, or setting up a shell script that restarts wminput with a different config file and then launches the program (but requires me to re-pair).

Doesn't look like there are any plugins as yet to let the program reload the config file when a certain program is launched, but please correct me if I'm wrong.

Key Combo?

Rob's picture

is it possible to use key combinations for this? CTRL+ALT+LEFT ARROW

And what about Slackware?

Dr Who's picture

Did anyone think of trying this on Slackware? Either 11.0 or 12.1 or Current.

Re:Did anyone think of trying this on Slackware? Either 11.0 or

Dr Who's picture

Well it works after remembering to reset the BT dongle. Slackware is stil the best OS for the enterprise.

Ubuntu Intrepid

Anonymous's picture

Works great on Ubuntu Hardy, but has anyone got it to work on Ubuntu Intrepid?

something to do with uinput version...?

Gens Control

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I don't even have a Wii and I had to buy one of these controllers! They are totally awesome!

Though this may be sacrilegious, in addition to the NES emulators I use mine with the Sega emulator Gens. Here is my configuration!

# Wiimote Gens
Wiimote.A = KEY_F5
Wiimote.B = KEY_F5
Wiimote.Up = KEY_LEFT
Wiimote.Down = KEY_RIGHT
Wiimote.Left = KEY_DOWN
Wiimote.Right = KEY_UP
Wiimote.Minus = KEY_TAB
Wiimote.Plus = KEY_ESC
Wiimote.Home = KEY_ENTER
Wiimote.1 = KEY_A
Wiimote.2 = KEY_S

Thanks for the article.