Hack and / - Manage Multiple Servers Efficiently

Use a few simple techniques and a couple extra tools to simplify things when you must administer a group of machines at a time.

Kyle Rankin is a director of engineering operations in the San Francisco Bay Area, the author of a number of books including DevOps Troubleshooting and The Official Ubuntu Server Book, and is a columnist for Linux Journal.


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Other Alternatives

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I found myself writing that same for loop and using cluster type tools to manage multiple windows as well.

The for loop takes a long time to do anything significant on a large number of machines since it runs serially (and is a pain if one or more of the hosts happens to be down).

The multiple windows solution only scales as far as your screen size (assuming you are checking results as you type).

Then I ran across shmux (http://web.taranis.org/shmux/) which works like the for loop solution, but tackles hosts in parallel while tracking errors and keeping logs.

The author lists quite a few more alternatives at the bottom of his web page as well.

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