At the Forge - Testing JavaScript

A look at Screw.Unit, a framework for JavaScript testing.

Screw.Unit is an easy-to-understand, easy-to-use framework for testing your JavaScript code. It is not the only test system of its kind, but the fact that its syntax is reminiscent of RSpec makes it easier for people like me, who like and use RSpec, to start using it quickly. RSpec advocates also will want me to point out that Screw.Unit offers JavaScript developers the same sort of BDD that characterizes RSpec and Cucumber, focusing on the results that the user sees, rather than the internal workings.

If you have never tested your JavaScript before, there's no time like the present to begin! If nothing else, you want to be sure that clicking on various parts of your HTML page does not lead to errors.

Reuven M. Lerner, a longtime Web/database developer and consultant, is a PhD candidate in learning sciences at Northwestern University, studying on-line learning communities. He recently returned (with his wife and three children) to their home in Modi'in, Israel, after four years in the Chicago area.