The Day the Earth Stood Still

Linux visual effects artists around the world create a new sci-fi classic.

“Linux is the OS of choice for the film industry”, says Autodesk Television Industry Manager Bruno Sargeant. “Linux leverages the processing power of current workstations and allows Flame and Inferno to reach performance previously obtainable only with supercomputers like SGI.”

Even more important than Linux are the artists using Linux. “Computers are machines, and they're no different from a paintbrush”, says Okun. “It's the artist running the computer who makes the difference.”

Robin Rowe is a Linux consultant and the project leader of CinePaint (



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rbarraud's picture

... How many companies mentioned here, yet no URI's whatever (save the article Author's)...

I hope this isn't a trend ... please put your readers' laziness ahead of your own!