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Neither of these examples should dampen your enthusiasm for the Beagle Board. I included them to highlight the challenges involved in working in an embedded/non-x86 environment. The good news is that the software issues I ran into will likely be fixed as more energy is put into supporting the ARM platform.

All in all, it is a neat platform. It allows me to attack problems that are too small for a full-blown PC without requiring me to be an embedded expert (which I'm not).

Dirk Elmendorf is cofounder of Rackspace, some-time home-brewer, longtime Linux advocate and even longer-time programmer.



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I would be cool to see a

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I would be cool to see a real-world application of these boards. I've never seen one in use, so I'm wondering what practical use it might have in an test lab environment. Is it possible to configure a handful of Beagle Boards as hosts for a test network, with a KVM to toggle between each board?

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