Dojo, Now with Drawing Tools!

Internalizing Dojo's “write once, deploy anywhere” philosophy, Dojo's gfx (pronounced “g-f-x” or sometimes “graphics”) library packs a powerful 2-D drawing API that's capable of plugging in to an arbitrary renderer. Out of the box, it works with Canvas, Silverlight, SVG and VML, so regardless of which browser your application is ultimately viewed within, gfx has you covered.

Figure 9. An example of the charts you can draw with Dojo—no Flash required!

Figure 10. Another Example Chart Drawn with Dojo

Although only a teaser, it's worthwhile to note the charting API focus on charting—not on raw drawing operations—so you can focus on the semantics of the task at hand instead of the implementation details associated with lower-level operations. In general, you simply provide some data that says what kind of chart you'd like, how to customize the axes and pass in the series data. Setting up event handlers, legends and other related things all work much the same way.

There's Plenty More Where That Came From

2-D drawing is an enormous topic in and of itself, and no single article could cover all the nooks and crannies adequately. This article is designed to give you an idea of just how easy Dojo makes 2-D for the Web, which hopefully motivates you to start experimenting with the examples and check out the API docs.

Matthew Russell is an open Web technology consultant and the author of Dojo: The Definitive Guide (O'Reilly, June 2008).



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Please post missing file 10308.tgz

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When I try this link in the resources:

It's a bad link. I found this

10042.tgz -- Web 2.0 Development with the Google Web Toolkit
Federico Kereki

10308.tgz -- Dojo, Now with Drawing Tools!
Matthew Russell

but this file is missing: 10308.tgz

very interesting, good for

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very interesting, good for gfx beginner just like me. thanks!

where is the download for listing 4

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Trying to download the code from listing 4 from the ftp link in Resources. I get a "550 Failed to change directory" error.

Tried browsing the ftp site, but there seems to be nothing there for this issue (178).