Dojo, Now with Drawing Tools!

Internalizing Dojo's “write once, deploy anywhere” philosophy, Dojo's gfx (pronounced “g-f-x” or sometimes “graphics”) library packs a powerful 2-D drawing API that's capable of plugging in to an arbitrary renderer. Out of the box, it works with Canvas, Silverlight, SVG and VML, so regardless of which browser your application is ultimately viewed within, gfx has you covered.

Figure 8. With the logic to draw the drag-and-droppable dominoes in place, now all that's left is to write some game logic. (An exercise for the most interested of readers.)

Charting: gfx on Steroids

Perhaps the ultimate test of an API is a few good examples of what you can build with it. One of the ultimate demonstrations of gfx's flexibility and power is Dojo's charting library, another DojoX subproject. A comprehensive introduction of the charting library would entail an article of its own, so until that time comes, you can find some great documentation on Dojo charting from the Dojo Key Links page. And, of course, you always can read over the source, which is located in the dojox.charting module of the toolkit's source code, if you want to get an idea of how much work goes into aligning labels, drawing tick marks and so on.

In addition to equipping you with many of the basic charts you'd want to use in a Web application, charting recently got a boost with a number of cool new features, including event support so that custom tooltips and animations can occur within charts—that kind of visual flair makes all the difference. To give you an idea of just how easy the charting API is to get up and running, consider the code blurb in Listing 5 that shows how to create a chart.



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Please post missing file 10308.tgz

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When I try this link in the resources:

It's a bad link. I found this

10042.tgz -- Web 2.0 Development with the Google Web Toolkit
Federico Kereki

10308.tgz -- Dojo, Now with Drawing Tools!
Matthew Russell

but this file is missing: 10308.tgz

very interesting, good for

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very interesting, good for gfx beginner just like me. thanks!

where is the download for listing 4

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Trying to download the code from listing 4 from the ftp link in Resources. I get a "550 Failed to change directory" error.

Tried browsing the ftp site, but there seems to be nothing there for this issue (178).