Cooking with Linux - Learning...Disguised

It has been said that playing is a child's work, because play is the means by which young children learn. You have to wonder if that's where the expression “mixing work and play” came from.

Marcel Gagné is an award-winning writer living in Waterloo, Ontario. He is the author of the Moving to Linux series of books from Addison-Wesley. He also makes regular television appearances as Call for Help's Linux guy and every month on radio's Computer America show. Marcel is also a pilot, a past Top-40 disc jockey, writes science fiction and fantasy, and folds a mean Origami T-Rex. He can be reached via e-mail at You can discover lots of other things (including great Wine links) from his Web site at



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OLPC XO adaptations?

Amberhawke's picture

What a wonderful article! I've been wanting to get my 5 year old on the computer and this looks like a fun learning environment. I bought/donated-for an OLPC XO in their G1G1 program, my thought was that this would be for her, but so far the applications on it seem to be geared toward older children. I am wondering if any of the applications listed in the article have been modified to work on the XO through the Sugar interface.