AIR Out Your Desktop with Adobe

Cross-platform never looked so Flashy.

Twhirl is one of the dozens of Twitter clients available. Many people find Twitter's Web interface much less useful than using a dedicated client. I'm in that boat. Twhirl has lots of seemingly simple features that make it a great way to interface with the Twitter universe.

Figure 1. Twhirl is a Twitter microblogging client.

Many users prefer another AIR-based Twitter app, known as TweetDeck. As both are free, and both work well under Linux, so I suppose it's only fair to mention both. Twhirl is just my personal preference.

Twhirl—works under Linux AIR 1.1 Beta: yes.


DestroyFlickr is a program that lets you manage your Flickr stream with an interface that resembles a light table. It's a convenient way to use Flickr.

Figure 2. DestroyFlickr manages your on-line Flickr account.

Another application that currently works under Linux is Flump. It is much more simplistic in its interface, but it can upload and download photos.

Figure 3. Flump is a very simple Flickr app.

DestroyFlickr—works under Linux AIR 1.1 Beta: yes.


Snackr is an RSS ticker that runs along the border of your screen. Clicking on a story opens it in a preview window, which gives you the option to open the actual page in a browser.

Figure 4. Snackr continuously scrolls your RSS feeds, so you can “snack” on them at your leisure.

If you would prefer to have a cute fuzzy puppy read your RSS feeds to you while he rolls around on your desktop, you might prefer Pet-It RSS News by zerofractal.

Figure 5. Pet-It RSS uses an avatar much less annoying than Microsoft's Clippy.

Snackr—works under Linux AIR 1.1 Beta: yes.


Snippage allows you to select a specific section of a Web site and make it display in a widget on your desktop. The Web site can update automatically, so if the page changes, so does the widget.

Figure 6. Snippage lets you create a widget from a Web page selection.

Snippage—works under Linux AIR 1.1 Beta: yes.

Google Analytics Reporting Suite

If you look at Google Analytics information very often, this application will save you time. Its functionality isn't much greater than visiting Google's Web site, but the speed and convenience is nice.

Figure 7. Browsing through Google Analytics information is simple with this application.

Google Analytics Reporting Suite—works under Linux AIR 1.1 Beta: yes.

Back It!

Back It! is a simple utility for backing up a predetermined set of files and folders from one place to another. The program isn't complex, but it's a great example of AIR interacting with the underlying operating system.

Figure 8. Back It! does exactly as its name suggests. It backs stuff up.

Back It!—works under Linux AIR 1.1 Beta: yes.


Shawn is Associate Editor here at Linux Journal, and has been around Linux since the beginning. He has a passion for open source, and he loves to teach. He also drinks too much coffee, which often shows in his writing.


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Adobe still treating Linux like the poor stepchild

Ard Righ's picture

I think the article speaks for itself, when it notes the Linux AIR software is version 1.1 beta, and Windows and Mac have a release quality verion 1.5

This is the same issue I, and I suspect quite a few others, have with Adobe's Flash software. The plugins, especially the 64-bit ones, have been 'beta' for so long now.

If Adobe was actually serious, their linux releases would all be the same release quality and versions as Windows and Mac OS.

'future releases are planned to come out simultaneously' is PR spin for dangling a carrot and seeing how far they can get the donkeys to follow.

2 bad examples

Manzabar's picture

MyMediaPlayer was replaced by MyMediaPlayer2 but Hulu's already made changes to kill MyMediaPlayer/MyMediaPlayer2 and according to the developer, he's not going to try fixing it again anytime soon.

Google Analytics Reporting Suite does not appear to be available from the Adobe AIR Marketplace any longer. At least, I cannot find it anywhere on the site and the developer's site refers you to yet another website which doesn't have a download available.