Linux in a Minute

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Quick SOCKS Proxy with an SSH Tunnel

Shawn demonstrates how to tunnel web traffic through a SOCKSproxy using SSH.

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Return to Solid State

 Are modern SSDs worth the price if you use Linux?

Read the full review by Kyle Rankin in the October, 2011 issue of Linux Journal.

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Get Firefox Menu Button in Linux

The Windows version of Firefox comes with a fancy menu button in the title bar. Linux doesn't have that exact feature, but you can come close. Shawn Powers shows us how.

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Quick and Dirty SSH Tunneling

Shawn shows us how to set up a quick SSH tunnel for accessing a computer behind a remote firewall. He demonstrates this from his hotel room 400 miles away from his home network!

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Unity: 3 Rants And A Tip

Shawn rants a bit about Ubuntu's new Unity interface, and gives us a couple tips on how to adjust.

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Review: Boxee Box

Shawn reviews the Boxee Box from D-Link. Oddly enough, it's not really box shaped. Thankfully it still works well, for the most part.

See Shawn's full, detailed review of the Boxee Box in the April 2011 issue of Linux Journal.