Linux in a Minute

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Using the Guest Account in Ubuntu

How-to use the guest login feature in Ubuntu 8.10.

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Accented Characters with KDE

Input accented and other diacritical characters.

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Remote Controlling a KDE 4 Desktop

How-to set up your KDE desktop for remote access.

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Using APT on the Command Line

How to use apt-get from the command line.

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Have KDE Ask for your SSH Passphrase on Login

Set up KDE to ask for your SSH passphrase on login.

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Autostarting Programs in KDE 4

Shawn Powers shows you how to automatically start programs in KDE 4.

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Use CURL to Login to Websites with a Script

How to submit html forms from the command line using CURL.

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Google Reader's "Next Unread Blog" Feature

Add a bookmark that will take you to your next unread article in your Google reader.

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Defaulting to the Dreaded MS Office Format in

Linux Journal's Shawn Powers shows you how to change the default file type in

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