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Ultimate Linux Box

The "Ultimate Linux Box" time of year is coming around again, and here at the Linux Journal office, we've been debating how to define what it means to be "Ultimate." I'm sure that my opinion is the correct one, but we decided it would be best to ask an impartial judge. That's where you come in. Ultimate Gaming Machine 14% (217 votes) Massive Storage Beast 7% (114 votes) Super Green Earth Friendly 10% (152 votes) Uber Cheap Bargain Basement 8% (119 votes) Perfectly Silent Hear a Pin Drop PC 14% (213 votes) Rockin' Rackmount Server 8% (121 votes) Mega Multimedia Creation Studio 11% (174 votes) Entertainment Extravaganza Living Room PC 15% (237 votes) Hard Drive, Schmard Drive -- Gimme an Ultimate Thin Client 3% (42 votes) Computers are for chumps. I want a brain implant. 10% (160 votes) Total votes: 1549

So, Linux Journal readers, what says you?

More Monkey Business at Microsoft, and Getting Chatty in the Friendly Skies

Things have been fairly light so far this week — perhaps recovering from all the drama that played out last week — but we here at Breaking News have found a few interesting bits to share, so we might as well get down to it. more>>

Dealing with, um, Wastewater

MARENA, the government agency responsible for the environment in Nicaragua, has asked us to use a biofilter waste water treatment system instead of a traditional septic tank and drain field for the Geek Ranch. The reasoning is that as we are building in a nature reserve, we are being held to higher standards than is typical outside the reserve. more>>

Of Microsoft, GNU/Linux and Boiled Asses' Heads

There are many ways of peering into the future. This page lists 163 of them, including cephalonomancy (divination by boiling an ass head), coscinomancy, (divination using a sieve and a pair of shears), ololygmancy (fortune-telling by the howling of dogs) and tiromancy (divination using cheese). Me, I prefer to stick with the tried-and-trusted method of reading between the lines of Microsoft press releases. more>>

Introducing Google App Engine

Google App Engine enables developers to build their web applications on the same scalable systems that power Google applications. more>>

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Play Windows Games on Linux

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Linux Journal Gadget Guy Shawn Powers walks you through how to play Windows games on Linux. more>>

Music Joins the 21st Century, Adobe Cozies Up to Linux, and IBM Lives to Sell Another Day

This week has been a busy one here at Linux Journal, what with Tuesday's short-lived change of focus and the ISO approval of OOXML announced on Wednesday. More than that has gone on, though, and we wouldn't want you to miss any of it, so here we go. more>>

Microsoft Tightens the Thumbscrews

With its resounding destruction of the ISO complete, Evil Incorporated has turned its attention back to Yahoo, and redoubled its efforts to assimilate the search outfit. As always, Linux Journal Breaking News is here with coverage, analysis, and a bit of snarky commentary on the situation. more>>

Will Desktop Linux Ever Prevail in the Enterprise?

These past two weeks I have been interviewing people from all over the industry about the state of desktop Linux in the enterprise. After using Linux on my own desktop for years, I wistfully assume that Linux's advantages are enough to give it momentum to succeed. However, after these discussions with people who are on the front lines (e.g. more>>

Top 10 Linux Distributions of 2008

According to Distrowatch's hits-per-day ranking system, the top 10 Linux distributions of 2008 thus far are:

1. Ubuntu 2. Mint 3. openSUSE 4. PCLinuxOS 5. Fedora more>>

The Fastest Linux Install?

Here's a video of a slimmed-down version of PCLinuxOS called MiniMe 2008. It was installed on VirtualBox. The entire installation took just a bit over two minutes. more>>

Doc Searls on The Independence Revolution

Doc Searls discusses the coming change in business models and economic markets. The effect of new technology and economics. more>>

Linux Product Insider: Adobe's AIR for Linux Alpha

Welcome to the April 3rd edition of the "Linux Product Insider", our weekly round-up of new products and services in Linux and open source. more>>

Adobe's AIR for Linux Alpha

April Fool's BeOS Roundup

Tuesday was an insane amount of fun here at BeOS Linux Journal. If you missed the shenanigans, don't worry, most of the silliness is still here, just not on the front page. Here's a quick list of the stories. I think my personal favorite was the rumor about Sony buying BeOS. :) Enjoy: more>>

Buy, Cheat, Steal, and Lie: The OOXML Story

Today is an international day of mourning, mourning for the loss of the standardization process and for the fate of those who will suffer under OOXML and whatever other standards Microsoft decides to strong-arm through the ISO. more>>

Extensions for Impress

Extensions for Impress

Extensions have long been written for Writer. However, the fact that attention is finally being paid to other applications seems a sign that is finally starting to develop an active extension-writing community. more>>

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Shawn Powers With Leo Laporte

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Linux Journal's Gadget Guy, Shawn Powers, seeks some sound production advice from Leo Laporte on The Lab With Leo Laporte, which airs in Canada on G4 TechTV and in Australia on the How To Channel. more>>

Bringing IRC Back

Twitter this. Jabber that. We want us some good ol' IRC.

Our staff is now hanging around #linuxjournal. We're on, or just click here to chat on the IRC channel in your web browser.

Join us.

AMD Scrambles to Supply BeOS Bonanza

Note: This article was written on April Fool's Day, April 1, 2008.

BeOS Journal News has learned that AMD is frantically outfitting additional facilities in order to meet the demand for processors created by the BeOS boom. more>>