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Linux Product Insider: Myah OS 3.0

This week's "Linux Product Insider" features Myah OS, Intalio's user conference, Movial's IXS Toolkit, the book Blender 3D Architecture, Buildings and Scenery, PIKA's telephony appliances and ACT/Technico's SATA PMCDisk. more>>

It's the Year of Discovery at AMD – Discovery of Intel Irregularities, That Is

It's not uncommon for serious competitors to be at each other's throats — Ali and Frasier, Bush and Dukakis, children and the Trix rabbit — and chip-makers are no exception. Intel and AMD have been trading blows for years, and since 2005, have been locked in litigation alleging Intel took it all a bit too far. Judging from recent developments, it doesn't look like there is much chance of an end in sight. more>>

Linux is Ace at Acer

Acer, Inc. — the Taiwan-based electronics company and third-largest computer maker in the world — has decided to jump on the Linux bandwagon, and it's jumping bigtime. more>>

Googly Gadgets Come to Linux

When Google Desktop — the widely popular desktop search software with a host of other shiny features — came to Linux in June of last year, it lacked one particularly shiny feature of the Windows version: Google Gadgets. A year later, Google is finally ready to gadgetize Linux — but they want you to have a look at their code first. more>>

It's Not About the Distro

This summer, I'm changing our entire 250+ workstation infrastructure from Fedora to Edubuntu. Under the hood, our computers will be very, very different. Not a single one of my users, however, will notice. more>>

An Introduction to Gnome Inform7, Part 1

What is interactive fiction?

It all started in 1975 with a man named Will Crowther who wanted to create something for his daughters that tied together two of his loves: role playing games and cave exploration. The result was a game called "Adventure" (also sometimes called "Colossal Cave"). He wrote the game on the mainframe he used at work and while his daughters loved it, others who discovered the game did to, and they shared it far and wide. Stanford student Don Woods discovered the program on one of the university computers in 1976 and with Crowther's permission extended the Fortran original, adding more rooms and treasure. This expanded version was later ported to C and from there to countless platforms and languages. You can still download various versions of it today. more>>

Jerry Yang's No Fool

It's been a rough year so far for Yahoo. Microsoft tried a takeover, shareholders are suing left and right, and now Carl Icahn is buying up billions in shares in preparation for an investor revolt. Just as the odds are beginning to look insurmountable for Yahoo, we find out that the corner Mr. Yang has been backed into isn't quite as hopeless as it seems. more>>

Ubuntu Adds a Featherweight to its Knockout Lineup

The ultra-lightweight laptop market is a booming one, with everyone from Intel to Asustek offering a miniaturized system with a price-tag lower than the cost of a tank of gas — well, almost. Linux is the darling of such systems — though Windows is making inroads — and the day has been dawning when the major Linux players would jump into the lightweight Linux game. more>>

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Review: Rockbox

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Shawn Powers demonstrates Rockbox, an open source firmware for mp3 players.

Thanks to our sponsor: GoGrid GoGrid is a new cloud hosting service where you can deploy Linux servers and load balancing in just minutes. Go to and use promo code GADGETGUY to get a $100 free trial, enough to run 1 or 2 servers for a month and try it out. more>>

Barack Obama Looking for People Who Do LAMP

You must have:

* At least 5 years of professional web development experience * A deep understanding of LAMP development processes and best practices * Experience building complex applications using PHP and MySQL more>>

Linux: You Get What You Paid For (When You Bought Windows)

If you've been an Open Source advocate for any significant amount of time, you've no doubt heard someone say, with a sneer in their voice, "You get what you pay for". Let it be noted, I really hate that cliche. It does make me think, however, about what you really get when you purchase the license to use a commercial operating system like Windows or OSX. more>>

Denmark Backs Up the OOXML Outrage

The official appeals over OOXML's adoption as an international standard have been coming in left and right over the last week or so, leading up to last Thursday's deadline for appealing the adoption. Now, those appeals are being backed up by a letter of protest from Denmark, delivered directly to the ISO Vice President. more>>

CEOs of the World, Unite!....Behind Microhoo?

Even with the madcap Apache dance between Microsoft and Yahoo supposedly over, it's still getting a lot of attention from people you'd assume have more important things to ponder. The latest bout, from the D: All Things Digital Conference, has a who's who list of technology execs tossing in their two cents on how to get the two bruised and bickering behemoths to play nice. more>>

How to be a good (and lazy) System Administrator

If you're anything like the average System Administrator, you are understaffed, underfunded, and overworked. By now, you've also gotten used to the idea that no one knows you exist until the mail server goes down, then you're suddenly on America's Most Wanted. In this article, I'm also assuming that you have many servers that you are responsible for. I'm also assuming more>>

An Eee PC of One's Own

My soon to be hubby got me a pre-wedding gift: my very own Asus Eee PC!

And so far? Loving it. I plan to use it mainly for online browsing, webmail, and skype -- and for these it's about as plug and play as you can get. more>>

Convert a MAC Address to Motorola S-Records

If you do embedded programming you're probably familiar with Motorola S-Records. This following script takes a MAC Address and outputs S-Record data. more>>

Doing a Reverse Hex Dump

If you work with the command line you've most likely used hexdump or od to dump binary files, but what do you do if you have a hex dump of something and you want to create the binary version of the data? Assuming your needs aren't too complex, the answer may be xxd. You can use xxd to dump binary files just like hexdump and od, but you can also use it to do the reverse: turn a hex dump back into binary. more>>

HP to Dance with Evil Incorporated

Everyone knows that Microsoft is desperate. After borking their bid to buy up Yahoo, Big Evil is looking for any way it can possibly increase its competition with Google in search and more importantly, search advertising. more>>

Linux in Amsterdam

So what's up with Linux in Amsterdam? That's a front-burner question for me right now because I'll be spending the next three days there, and would like to pick up on a story or few while I'm there. more>>

Wise Words for the Anti-P2P: Be Careful Who You Mess With

Peer-to-peer file sharing technology is nothing new, nor is its use to widely distribute copyrighted content. Groups like the RIAA and MPAA desperately want to disrupt as much file sharing as they can, but there's a simple piece of advice they'd be wise to remember: When chasing file sharers, try not to break the law yourself. more>>