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Bloggers are Bonkers for BeOS!

With the blogosphere saturated with stories about Vista, Linux, Cell Phones, and Scandalous Actresses -- bloggers are thrilled about BeOS. Every blogger writing about BeOS gets TONS of traffic, because the Be resurgence is so new.

Blogger Jack Figella shares his story: "After seeing Linux Journal shift their focus to BeOS, I thought it more>>

Go Purple for Pentium Pro!

In light of the recent switchover to BeOS as the operating system focus here at BeOS Journal, we'd like to start the "Purple for Pentium Pro" campaign. The Pentium Pro processor is often scoffed at by the modern OSes, but BeOS runs on them like a champ. more>>

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Introducing BeOS Journal

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Shawn Powers explains our shift in editorial focus. more>>

The Glass Roots Revolution

What happens when it's as easy to run fiber optic cabling in your house as it is to run Ethernet? Or to bridge one into the other as easily as you plug two Ethernet cables together? For example, with one of these... more>>

Blogging vs. Flogging

It's time to draw a distinction between blogging and flogging. Because the former has become so buried in the latter that we've lost track of what blogging was in the first place, and the promise it still holds. more>>

Microsoft's Great Besmirching

I have been covering Microsoft for over 25 years - I've even written a few books about Windows. During that time, I've developed a certain respect for a company that just doesn't give up, and whose ability to spin surpasses even that of politicians. To be sure, Microsoft has crossed the line several times, but it has always worked within the system, however much it has attempted to use it for its own ends. No more: in the course of trying to force OOXML through the ISO fast-track process, it has finally gone further and attacked the system itself; in the process it has destroyed the credibility of the ISO, with serious knock-on consequences for the whole concept of open standards. more>>

The Times They Are a-Changin'

The winds of change have been blowing in Silicon Valley and beyond today, bringing a whirlwind of metamorphosis that has certainly shaken things up. In that spirit, let's get shakin'. more>>

Linux Product Insider

Welcome to the March 27th edition of the "Linux Product Insider", our weekly round-up of new products and services in Linux and open source.

Here is what's been announced this week: more>>

Hyperic's Hyperic HQ

Open, Closed, and Free!

Today is the first Document Freedom Day, a "global rallying point for Document Liberation and Open Standards." We here at Linux Journal are all about opening standards and liberating documents, as well as opening documents and liberating standards — and boy do some of them need liberating. It's not too late to celebrate Document Freedom Day, and in the spirit of celebration, this edition of Breaking News is dedicated to all things open and closed. more>>

KDE or GNOME or?

Yes, it's the age old question -- what is your preferred desktop manager? This time we ask you to not only cast your vote but to follow-up with a comment below. We'd like to know if you've switched your "favorite" in the last year or two and why. Did you use to be a KDE fan but recently switched to GNOME? GNOME 46% (2586 votes) KDE 34% (1914 votes) Xfce 7% (384 votes) Enlightenment 1% (79 votes) Fluxbox 3% (166 votes) fvwm 1% (45 votes) icewm 1% (35 votes) WindowMaker 1% (46 votes) Openbox 1% (83 votes) xmonad 2% (95 votes) Other 4% (209 votes) Total votes: 5642

Getting Started With Quantum GIS

James Gray continues his review of desktop Geographic Information System (GIS) applications with an introduction to the concepts needed to get started with the user-friendly, open-source Quantum GIS. more>>

Going Deeper into GIS: an Introduction to QGIS

Google and TV White Space for WiFi

It's interesting to see Google out here continuing to make a ruckus, the latest being an attempt to harness the 'white space' spectrum between TV channels for WiFi signals. Fascinating concept, but can it work? more>>

Google wants to Fly, Netflix is Grounded, and Mr. Mozilla is Hopping Mad

Some days we're overrun with dozens of small-but-interesting bits to bring you; other days, the stories are few and far between. Today was one of the latter days, but worry not, we've managed to pull out a few gems to satisfy your need for news. Though they may be few, they're certainly news to know. more>>

Got Desktop Linux in Your Company?

Hi all, this is Products Editor, James Gray. I am writing an article on interesting desktop Linux implementations in the enterprise. I plan to showcase a number of cases that show how Linux can make its way out of the server room and onto the desktops of many different kinds of workers. Do you have anything interesting at your company? more>>

The Ruby Mendicant

A little while ago, Gregory Brown announced his Ruby Mendicant Project. He’s trying to raise enough money to work for the Ruby community full time for 6 months (or on a time-share basis if he doesn’t raise the full amount, see the web site for the full details). With just 7 days left, he’s about 40% of the way there. more>>

Leveraging Free

"Free" has been a founding concept in the Linux world since before there was Linux — or , if you prefer. In his history of the GNU project, Richard M. more>>

Moving and Shaking in Techland

March 22nd is National Goof Off Day, and since we're usually busy goofing off, we figured the perfect way to celebrate was by doing a bit of work. We've rounded up a bundle of interesting news, full of moving and shaking, but no goofing off. more>>

Has Dell Delivered on GNU/Linux?

Almost exactly one year ago, I made the following suggestion in the wake of Dell's long-awaited decision to offer ready-configured GNU/Linux systems alongside the usual panoply of Windows systems:

we must vote with our wallets. Assuming the Dell GNU/Linux systems are not hopelessly flawed in some way, we must all try to buy as many of them as we can (within reason, of course).

What follows is a short report on my own experiences of putting my money where my mouth is. more>>

Linux Product Insider

Welcome to the March 20th edition of the "Linux Product Insider", our weekly round-up of new products and services in Linux and open source.

Here is what's fresh out of the ovens this week: more>>

SpectSoft's RaveHD Basic

Microsoft Hits a New Low — Below the Belt

We have a lot of fun here on, bringing you the news and poking fun at companies like Microsoft — but it's always intended as journalism with a lighthearted twist. This time, though, we're not being silly, because the subject matter is too serious for laughing. more>>