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Store amaroK Data in MySQL

By default, amaroK stores information about your [music] collection including listening habits and rankings into a SQLite database file on your filesystem. If you only use amaroK on a single computer, this works fine, but if you run it on multiple computers you might want your information to be persistent across machines. more>>

Hardy Heron - Coming to your Desktop April 24th

From the Linux Journal Flickr pool, Linux enthusiast jabzbiz brings us:

Is It the Beginning of the End for Evil Incorporated?

The end of something of any size doesn't usually come from a single event — yes, one iceberg sank the Titanic, and one wrong turn started World War I — but in general, the meltdown of a major entity is usually a chain of events that balloon towards an eventual end. With all the things going wrong for Microsoft, we can only hope that's exactly what's happening. more>>


Domo Arigato Mr Androidato—An Introduction to the New Google Mobile Linux Framework, Android

All your phones, are belong to Google — an overview of Android, the new software stack created by Google for the Open Handset Alliance. more>>

Meet Mii

WiiLi is a Linux port in the works for the Nintendo Wii. Drivers are being developed for Wii features, including the SD card slot, the wireless 802.11b/g and Bluetooth hardware, and for the remote. more>>

Hey, Buddy. Can You Spare a C-Note?

The way I figure it there are a lot of rich LJ readers out there. How do I figure that? Well we offer $100 bucks, that's right a C-note, a Franklin, a Benjamin, a Bill, a Yard for Tech Tips that we publish in the magazine. Do we get any takers? Not a lot. So I figure, since everybody out there is rolling in dough they ought to send some of it to me. more>>

Typing Nonstandard Characters on Ubuntu

Typing characters that are not standard in English can be done quite easily in [Ubuntu] Linux without any modifications. In most situations, you can do this by using the Character Map utility included in your system, which can be found at Applications > Accessories > Character Map. Upon running Character Map, a window will appear. more>>

Cat 5 Compliant Wedding Set

The female ring has a choice of four opaque colors: turquoise, white, orange or black. The male ring stands tall and dramatically transparent. Switch up sexes -- order two of the same! The world is your technological oyster.

Lovin' me some Etsy.

Introduction to Forensics

A break-in can happen to any system administrator. Find out how to use Autopsy and Sleuthkit to hit the ground running on your first forensics project. more>>

Media And The Social Web

Seana Mulcahy writes:

Move over, World Wide Web, and give a warm welcome to the World Live Web (WLW). Actually it’s been around for many years now. Unfortunately it hasn’t popped up in our beloved industry until late. more>>

I Sense Serious Changes

Well, I am trying to be a mystic here but it seems like there is something really changing for the good right now. more>>

Create a Logo from the Command Line

You can create a neat logo from the Linux command line:

$ convert -size 800x120 xc:white -font Times-Roman -pointsize 100 -fill gray -annotate +20+80 'Linux is cool!' -fill black -annotate +23+83 'Linux is cool!' -trim +repage logo.png

And, the following command should display the result:

$ qiv logo.png more>>

Summing Up Open Source, Sticking it to The Man, and Who Isn't on Facebook?

This morning we continue in our quest to flesh out all the weekend's news in order to see that you are suitably prepared for the week ahead. In that spirit, we bring you the last and latest of the noteworthy news. more>>

New Products Roundup

Integrated security systems going green; real-time Linux; CRMs; data automation; and security management tools top off our editors' new products roundup. more>>

Merchandising MySQL, Scalping Skype, and IE 3!

It's time again for the Weekend Edition of Breaking News, bringing you all the news you need to know before jumping back into the grind on Monday. There's lots to cover, so strap yourself in and prepare for a ride. more>>

Understanding Infrastructure

Is Linux infrastructure? Or is it just another operating system, like Windows, MacOS and various Unixes?

How about the Internet? Is the Net infrastructure? Or is it just the #3 "service" in the "triple play" sold by your local phone or cable company? more>>

Go Get Your Stickers from Shawn!

Go find Shawn, and score some stickers. more>>

Run Windows XP on Ubuntu with Virtualbox

VirtualBox is a general-purpose full virtualizer for x86 hardware. Targeted at server, desktop and embedded use, it is a professional-quality virtualization solution that is also Open Source Software. more>>

Will Someone Please Go Talk to Shawn?

He's at Penguicon, and he has some cool stickers and other swag for you. Go find him! more>>