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How to be a good (and lazy) System Administrator

If you're anything like the average System Administrator, you are understaffed, underfunded, and overworked. By now, you've also gotten used to the idea that no one knows you exist until the mail server goes down, then you're suddenly on America's Most Wanted. In this article, I'm also assuming that you have many servers that you are responsible for. I'm also assuming more>>

An Eee PC of One's Own

My soon to be hubby got me a pre-wedding gift: my very own Asus Eee PC!

And so far? Loving it. I plan to use it mainly for online browsing, webmail, and skype -- and for these it's about as plug and play as you can get. more>>

Convert a MAC Address to Motorola S-Records

If you do embedded programming you're probably familiar with Motorola S-Records. This following script takes a MAC Address and outputs S-Record data. more>>

Doing a Reverse Hex Dump

If you work with the command line you've most likely used hexdump or od to dump binary files, but what do you do if you have a hex dump of something and you want to create the binary version of the data? Assuming your needs aren't too complex, the answer may be xxd. You can use xxd to dump binary files just like hexdump and od, but you can also use it to do the reverse: turn a hex dump back into binary. more>>

HP to Dance with Evil Incorporated

Everyone knows that Microsoft is desperate. After borking their bid to buy up Yahoo, Big Evil is looking for any way it can possibly increase its competition with Google in search and more importantly, search advertising. more>>

Linux in Amsterdam

So what's up with Linux in Amsterdam? That's a front-burner question for me right now because I'll be spending the next three days there, and would like to pick up on a story or few while I'm there. more>>

Wise Words for the Anti-P2P: Be Careful Who You Mess With

Peer-to-peer file sharing technology is nothing new, nor is its use to widely distribute copyrighted content. Groups like the RIAA and MPAA desperately want to disrupt as much file sharing as they can, but there's a simple piece of advice they'd be wise to remember: When chasing file sharers, try not to break the law yourself. more>>

PC Recycling Consumes 20x More Energy Than Reuse

Conventional wisdom: recycling is typically the best option for the stuff I don't want anymore.

Little-known factoid: recycling a PC consumes 20 times more energy than reusing it, according to a study by Eric Williams for the United Nations. more>>

Linux Product Insider: California to Star at CeBIT Fair

This week's "Linux Product Insider" features California as CeBIT partner 'country', Sangoma's analog-digital telephony solution, Medsphere's open-source health record system, Super Talent's DDR3 SO-DIMM and Wrox's new book Code Leader. more>>

Bash Brace Expansion

Bash brace expansion is used to generate stings at the command line or in a shell script. The syntax for brace expansion consists of either a sequence specification or a comma separated list of items inside curly braces "{}". A sequence consists of a starting and ending item separated by two periods "..". more>>

The Meaning of Open Source

Like many Linux Journal readers, I have been upgrading my Gibbons to Herons recently. And like many readers, I imagine, I have been finding a few little challenges along the way. That was no surprise, since it's pretty much par for the course when carrying out a major upgrade. But something else did surprise me, although in retrospect I see that it shouldn't have. more>>

Give Me 3 Synths, Part 3

In this final installment to the series I'll double your reading pleasure by presenting two new Linux softsynths. Such a deal, two reviews for the price of one! more>>

Android, Coming to a Developer Near You

Google's Linux-based Android platform for mobile phones has drawn a lot of attention since it was announced in November of last year, from phone makers as well as users. Now it appears the platform is about to cross the finish line, and Google is putting its developer search into overdrive. more>>

40%-off Sale at the Linux Journal Store

T-shirts, back issues, archive CDs, stickers, buttons, "Linux Rules" rulers and more are all 40% off in the Linux Journal Store now through Sunday, June 1. more>>

Is Belgium's Bark Worse Than Google's Bite?

If anything should be a maxim for operating a successful website, it's this: Stay on the good side of the search engines. Search engines drive web traffic, and if you set them off, they can drive that traffic right past your site without a second thought. This moves us to wonder: What the heck is going on with the Belgian press, and who told them it was a good idea to agitate Google? more>>

Grandpa Wen Shaking it Up on Facebook

The Chinese government hasn't — at least in the last century or so — had the public perception of being particularly open. From infamous anti-protest activities to the Great Firewall of China the ruling powers have a history of keeping pretty tight control of who hears what and how they hear it. It's possible that things are changing, however, as an official-looking profile of Premier Wen Jiabao has turned up on Facebook. more>>

Judge Puts the Kibosh on Dodgy Dell Deals

Just about everyone who has shopped for a computer online knows that Dell will promise the sun, moon, stars, and a free kidney to snare shoppers for their made -to-mass-measure systems. What a sizable number in New York, and we suspect just about everywhere else, have learned is that Dell is just as good at finding a reason to dodge their doubtful deals — and now the courts have discovered it as well. more>>

Linux On The Desktop: Who Cares!

Every so often, you read on Slashdot, Digg, or some other techie news site that Linux is finally ready for the desktop. It's finally to the point that any end user could sit down at a computer and happily compute away. The applications are sufficiently sanitized and Windows-like that even Grandma can use them. more>>

More Geek Gifts

When my family goes shopping, these are the types of gifts they get me. Don't let my expression fool you, however, I actually love wearing this hat hat in public... more>>