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'Geek Defense' Crash-and-Burn: Reiser Found Guilty

Hans Reiser, the programmer responsible for the ReiserFS file system, has been on trial for the murder of his estranged wife for the past six months. Yesterday, that all ended with a jury finding Reiser guilty of first-degree murder. more>>

Rubinius Tab Sweep

Ola Bini has written a couple of posts that touch on Rubinius and the other Ruby implementations. The first talks about the new weekly meeting of implementors, saying “[I]t’s a huge deal. more>>

Is government open source code we can patch?

That's the question raised by Britt Blaser in “Oh, if only government went in for an open source make-over…”. It's also one suggested indirectly by Phil Hughes in Our Internet. more>>

Remote Window Managers

Lots of times it's extremely frustrating or time consuming to run an xterm on a remote host just to fork your programs from that remote machine. Why not just run your window manager there even though you're not on its console? The window manager is just another X application, after all, isn't it?

Fire off your local X server

xinit /usr/bin/xterm -- :1 & more>>

Microsoft Warms Up the Irons...For Waffles?

By now, everyone knows that Microsoft is doing a hostile-takeover Apache dance with Yahoo, and Yahoo wants no part of it. Saturday was Microsoft's big bad deadline, after which the Empire has promised to launch it's attack. So, where are we? more>>

Interview With IBM's Inna Kuznetsova on Big Green Linux

Recently Products Editor, James Gray, caught up with IBM's Inna Kuznetsova, Worldwide Director for IBM's Linux strategy. They discuss IBM's Big Green Linux initiative and IBM's own power-saving move to Linux on its own data center. more>>

Bob Frankston and Nicaragua

Yesterday, I read Doc's interview with Bob Frankston in the May 2008 Linux Journal. That, in turn, got me reading other things that Bob has written. Finally, that inspired this NicaLiving post. more>>

How to install yaourt from a terminal (Arch Linux)

synthead shows us one way to install yaourt, a wrapper for pacman that adds many features, using only a terminal and links. more>>

Should We Boycott Microsoft? Can We?

Captain Charles Boycott was an unfortunate chap. Not only was he the object of prolonged social ostracism, but his name has passed into history as both a noun and a verb describing that action. At the moment, the idea is much on people's minds because of suggestions that the Beijing Olympic games should be boycotted, but here I want to discuss something quite different: whether the open source community should be boycotting Microsoft, and if that is even possible. more>>

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How To Make a Screencast

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Learn how-to make a screencast using one of a variety of tools Shawn Powers demonstrates in this video.

Thanks to our sponsor: Miro Miro is a free, open source internet tv and video player. Play any video file, more HD than anyone, thousands of channels, save YouTube videos, watch Linux Journal videos, Torrents made easy -- today. more>>

Linux Product Insider: Penumbra: Black Plague for Linux

This week we feature Paradox Interactive's Penumbra: Black Plague, SnapLogic 2.0 Data Integration Framework, ASUS Lamborghini VX3 Laptop, Octopz Online Collaboration Software, Neuros and Texas Instruments Open Internet Television Platform and Ixonos Mobile Television Reception Solution.

Here this week's Linux product news: more>>

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Ubuntu Hardy Heron

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Yesterday was Ubuntu day around the Linux Journal office, and I thought it'd be nice to give you a quick peek at what Hardy Heron looks like in action. more>>

Guy Kawasaki Speaks

Last night about 200 of us were fortunate enough to get to see Guy Kawasaki speak at the Houston Technology Center. He most recently penned the book "Art of the Start" and his presentation was based on just that. more>>

Ubuntu Hardy Heron: a Visual Overview

Yesterday was Ubuntu day around the Linux Journal office, and I thought it'd be nice to give you a quick peek at what Hardy Heron looks like in action. more>>

Ubuntu's Roughest-and-Toughest-Yet Takes Flight

As of about 8:15 this morning, Ubuntu — the Linux distribution that has taken the desktop world by storm — has released version 8.04 "Hardy Heron" to a flurry of cheers, frantic downloads, and — we suspect — sighs of relief from all involved. Though the GNOME-based Ubuntu has a tendency to steal the spotlight, the party also includes the KDE-based Kubuntu, Xfce-based Xubuntu, and education-focused Edubuntu. more>>

Free Issue of Linux Journal

If you're not yet subscribed to Linux Journal, you're missing out on seriously in-depth technical projects, articles, and reviews that you can't find here on Not to mention our famous (and even award-winning) authors' monthly columns which include: more>>

Helping the Needy Get Nerdy

Free Geek is a not-for-profit community organization that recycles used technology to provide computers, education, Internet access and job skills training to those in need in exchange for community service. more>>

Store amaroK Data in MySQL

By default, amaroK stores information about your [music] collection including listening habits and rankings into a SQLite database file on your filesystem. If you only use amaroK on a single computer, this works fine, but if you run it on multiple computers you might want your information to be persistent across machines. more>>

Hardy Heron - Coming to your Desktop April 24th

From the Linux Journal Flickr pool, Linux enthusiast jabzbiz brings us:

Is It the Beginning of the End for Evil Incorporated?

The end of something of any size doesn't usually come from a single event — yes, one iceberg sank the Titanic, and one wrong turn started World War I — but in general, the meltdown of a major entity is usually a chain of events that balloon towards an eventual end. With all the things going wrong for Microsoft, we can only hope that's exactly what's happening. more>>