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An Introduction to Gnome-Inform7 - part 2

This is the second in a two-part introduction to Gnome-Inform7 (and by extension, the Inform 7 language). I'm not going to spend much time re-capping what we covered last time, so if you haven't read part one, please do so now. more>>

OpenMoko Unleashes Freerunner on the Mobile Market

OpenMoko — the project behind the Neo line of Open Source mobile phones — has released its latest creation into the wild. The Neo Freerunner, successor to the Neo 1973, brings a host of new features to the hackable handset. more>>

How Can We Harness the Firefox Effect?

Three things are striking about the recent launch of Firefox 3. First, the unanimity about the quality of the code: practically everyone thinks it's better in practically every respect. Secondly, the way in which the mainstream media covered its launch: it was treated as a normal, important tech story – gone are the days of supercilious anecdotes about those wacky, sandal-wearing free software anoraks. And finally – and perhaps most importantly - the scale and intensity of participation by the millions of people who have downloaded the software in the last week.

But the question has to be: what now? How can we harness that amazing spirit, to make the Firefox Effect permanent, not just a media event that comes around once every few years? more>>

Validating an IP Address in a Bash Script

I've recently written about using bash arrays and bash regular expressions, so here's a more useful example of using them to test IP addresses for validity. more>>

What is Your Position on Net Neutrality?

In an effort to get to know you better, we thought we'd find out your thoughts on something pretty relevant this election year. Please elaborate on your position in the comments. We'd love to hear from you!

I am for network neutrality regulations 58% (344 votes) I am against network neutrality regulations 19% (113 votes) What's net neutrality? 22% (131 votes) I don't care either way 1% (6 votes) Total votes: 594

Nokia N800 for Geeks

Yeah, I know, the N810 is the "modern" system and, well, the N800 is too "consumer" for us geeks. Well, hype aside, I am seriously impressed with the N800. Here's why. more>>

Virtualization In Meatspace

Computer virtualization is all the rage these days. Heck, in the video I shot last week, I installed about 12 Linux distributions on a VM, because it made recording a lot simpler. more>>

Do Not Pass Pwn, Do Not Collect Your Diploma, Go Straight to Jail

It sounds like the plot from a bad teen movie — or an episode of MTV's High School Stories — but a kid from Orange County actually managed to get himself arrested for hacking the school's computer system to prop up his less-than-perfect grades. more>>

HP Gives the Gift of Innovation

Reinventing the wheel is nothing new to Linux development. Part of creating an Open Source operating system is re-discovering — and in the case of patents, working around — what proprietary developers have already discovered and locked away. more>>

The Patient as the Platform

Health is personal. Health Care is not. The term is a euphemism for Condition Treatment, and it's not about patients. It's about systems, and most of those are both proprietary and closed. more>>

Kernel Developers Take a Stand for Open Source Drivers

With the support of the Linux Foundation, a group of 130+ Linux Kernel Developers issued a statement intended to urge hardware manufacturers to discontinue issuing closed-source drivers and kernel modules, describing them as "harmful more>>

Linux Product Insider: CrossOver Linux 7.0

This "Linux Product Insider" features CrossOver Linux 7.0, Skype 4.0 beta, Scoofers Search Engine, BakBone Software's NetVault, MEN Micro's DC1 Rugged Display Computer and PostPath Server HA Edition v2. more>>

Skype for Linux: Where's the R-E-S-P-E-C-T?

We Linux folk are the reliable early adopters of innovative applications like Skype who have done a disproportionate amount of work to make it popular. The gift horse we've gotten in return is a usable but much less feature-rich version that is years behind the other platforms. more>>

Red Hat to Virtualize Its Way to the Kernel

Virtual machines are all the rage these days, seeing deployment from huge server farms right down to the personal desktop box. Now Red Hat plans to make Linux the virtualizer to beat, by putting virtualization management straight into the kernel. more>>

Free as in Speech, Free as in Beer, Free as in Java

It's been a two year process, filled with its own bumps and brambles along the way, but Sun Java's most eagerly anticipated feature has finally arrived: a fully Open Source implementation. more>>

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Almost 9 Distros in Almost 6 Minutes

See video

Ubuntu has gotten the spotlight recently here at Linux Journal, but this week Shawn shows us a handful of other Linux distributions. more>>

The Doors are Open on openSUSE 11.0

For all the Novell fans out there who have been waiting with baited breath to get their hands on the latest and greatest offering from openSUSE, your wish came true yesterday as version 11.0 ventured into the light of day. more>>

Red Hat to Open the Network

It must be Open Source day today, because everyone is popping out of the woodwork to offer up the code for something shiny. The latest addition to the club is Red Hat Network, the web platform for managing Linux infrastructure. more>>

Creating chroot sftp Jails with Jailkit

One of the things I both love and hate about my job is getting assigned new projects. They can be about anything and everything. A few months back I was given an assignment to create some chroot jails for a group of customers so that they could securely upload files with sftp. The requirement was that the customers needed to be able to upload file, but in a secure and private way. more>>

Bash Arrays

If you're used to a "standard" *NIX shell you may not be familiar with bash's array feature. Although not as powerful as similar constructs in the P languages (Perl, Python, and PHP) and others, they are often quite useful. more>>