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Microsoft Acts Like the Government

It's spooky how much the Microsoft spokespeople sound like they're with the government. Microsoft's Kevin Turner was asked recently if he was concerned about the negative effects of Windows Vista Service Pack 1 on its users. We are "not at all worried", he replied. Whew, thanks for feeling your customers' pain, dude! more>>

Linux Product Insider

Welcome to the inaugural edition of the "Linux Product Insider", keeping you on the cutting edge of new products and services in Linux and Open Source.

Here is what is new and interesting this week. more>>

Panopta's Monitoring & Outage Management Suite

What the Big Boys Have Been Up To

Some days are all about the Big Players — the multi-billion dollar businesses that seem to have their hands in everything. Yesterday wasn't quite one of those days but they certainly weren't on vacation either. Here's the scoop. more>>

A Copy of Your Cédula Please

In order to fix the road to the Geek Ranch, we had to secure permission from the owners of the property along the road. What was required in addition to them signing the permission form was a copy of their ID card or cédula. While that sounds easy in Houston, not so near the Geek Ranch. more>>

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Review: Scott-E-Vest

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SCOTTEVEST makes innovative, versatile, technology-enabled clothing -- jackets, fleece layers, cargo vests, pants, shorts, shirts and more, all designed to help you store, manage, and carry your electronic gadgets and other gear essentials. more>>

Desperate for iPods, Microsoft Machinations, and Darl to Get the Shove

It was an interesting day yesterday, with a wide range of announcements covering everything from MP3s to Facebook to Vista hacking and back again. There's no time to waste, so let's dive right in. more>>

Simple Machines Forum

I remember when I was a Jr. Geek and could focus on one programming task at a time. Today, besides having all too many Linux-related tasks, I have an assortment of other things to deal with. This last week, one of my distractions turned into a new programming project. more>>

Penguins? In the Iditarod? Microsoft Gets Served, by Linux.

This year's Iditarod race is a bit different from past seasons. Oh sure, there are many of the same things going on, like dogs, sleds, snow, and mushing -- but this year there's also GPS enabled tracking. more>>

Yahocrosoft, Spam Go On, But Open Source Is Looking Up

It's that time again, ladies and gents, the dreaded Monday. And while we're sure very few of us are ready for the fun and frolicsome weekend to be over, we like to think Monday does have one benefit: fresh — if not somewhat snarky — news right here on Word has it that 70% of Americans are turning to the web for their news, and we're very glad to have them and everyone else who finds their way here. Should you happen to be one of the 30% rushing to keep from being left behind, welcome to our fold, have some of our delicious Penguin Kool-Aid, and buckle up 'cause here we go. more>>

The LinuxSampler Project

This week we'll look at what's been going on recently with LinuxSampler, a very cool software audio sampler. I have to say at the outset that this article was tough to write, I was just having far too much fun with the program. more>>

Frozen Pizza? ICEcore Workshop From Novell.

“Free Workshop; Free IceCore Tools; Free Pizza. Can life get any better???”

Not a bad lead in, eh? I sure thought so when the email showed up in my inbox. It turns out that Novell’s Open Source Technology Center is sponsoring a workshop on ICEcore, an open source collaboration toolkit (it’s written one way on their website and another in the email, I don’t know which one to believe.). more>>

The Leap Day Laggers

It may not always be obvious, but every week we wade through thousands of stories, looking for the very best to bring you, our beloved readers. In the process, we always run across a few stories that we want to share, but just never seem to fit in with the rest of what we've found. As a special celebration of Leap Day, we're bringing you four of this week's important stories that just didn't run with the crowd. more>>

New add-ons for Writer

After a slow start, add-ons for are finally starting to reach a critical mass. When I last wrote about add-ons for in September 2004, the examples were relatively limited, with extendedPDF the outstanding example. more>>

Security Woes, Evil's Email, and MySpace Muggers

Today is that special day that only comes around once every four years: leap day. As everyone takes a moment to re-sync with the cosmos and celebrate the idiosyncrasies of the Gregorian Calendar, we here at Linux Journal are pressing on with reporting the latest and greatest happenings in the tech world. more>>

Access Mobile Linux

I've been a loyal Palm user for years so I find myself following their development of Access Linux pretty closely. more>>

Another Big Day for Big Evil

It seemed like last week was all about Microsoft, perhaps to the point of Empire burnout. However, you apparently can't keep a bad thing down, because they're back again, though I don't know that VH1 would say it's been the Best Week Ever. more>>

Why Microsoft's New EU Fine is Just Fine

News that Microsoft is to be hit with yet another fine from the European Union has naturally attracted plenty of attention, but it has also raised the old questions of whether such interventions by governments are justified or even do any good. more>>

Is Lua Really Wonderful?

The Scripting Language article appeared right after a friend sent me an email about Lua. About a year ago I had some script I was playing with that was in Lua and I thought it looked like a pretty interesting language. But, the thought quickly passed as I have, well, enough other things to do. more>>