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Which US Political Party Do You Identify With?

We've had some talk at and about political issues affecting the open source community, and with issues like the recent Microsoft OOXML controversy hitting the global political stage, we thought this might be a good time to get to know our readers' political Republican Party 22% (92 votes) Democratic Party 21% (88 votes) Libertarian Party 17% (71 votes) Constitution Party 3% (12 votes) Green Party 7% (32 votes) None of the above, I'm voting for Tux. 22% (92 votes) I prefer to remain neutral. 6% (24 votes) None of your friggin' business. 4% (16 votes) Total votes: 427

Check to see if a script was run as root

If you need to make sure a script is run as root, add the following to the start of the script: more>>

Linux Journal PDF = Best Thing Since Sliced Bread

What is light as a feather, but includes some heavy reading? The digital edition of Linux Journal, of course. In PDF format the digital edition is the ultra-portable, super-searchable, easily-archivable twin of the print magazine you've come to know and love. more>>

Linux: Sexy, Smart, and Cheap. The Perfect Date.

Yes yes, I realize it's no surprise we feel pretty attached to Linux here at Linux Journal, but that aside, what's not to love about Linux? Especially in the last few years, it's no longer a matter of whether Linux is ready for the desktop yet -- it's just a matter of when are people going to realize it? Thankfully, we're starting to see that. And here's why: more>>

Top 25 Articles of All Time, Part 3

This week we take a look at the all-time favorite articles ever featured on We'll feature the top 25 in this series, presenting you with five each day this week. These 25 articles alone represent tens of millions of page views on

Top Articles 11 - 15 more>>

More Muddy Water in Microsoft-Yahoo, and What's the Deal With Time Warner?

Tax Day is finally over here in the U.S., and with the fear of missed deductions and prison sentences out of the way, we're back at full throttle here at Breaking News. Here's our post-tax tech roundup. more>>

Letters to the Editor

We love your letters! Please send letters using our new form, and although we can't respond personally to every letter we receive, we do read each one carefully and appreciate the feedback. Note that letters we print may be edited for length and content.

Remove a path from your PATH variable

If you need to remove a path from the PATH variable before your script runs add this to the beginning of the script: more>>

Chumby Redux

When I wrote the article appearing in issue 169 of the Linux Journal we had only had George (that's what we named our Chumby) for a couple weeks. We've had him for a couple months now, and George has become well integrated into our family. more>>

Finding a home for Microsoft Vista

April 15th: So here I am on the deadline, again, doing my taxes. Taxes are a task I truly hate, although hate doesn't quite express it. I've got pencil in hand, tapping the desk, trying to invent think of some more deductions, but there doesn't seem to be anything written on the ceiling. Tapping..., tapping..., tapping... Then just as I'm about to go postal... I suddenly start to think about Microsoft Vista, no idea why... more>>

LinuxMCE is the Latest Smarthome Darling

LinuxMCE is a free, open source add-on to Kubuntu including a 10' UI -- a complete whole-house media solution with pvr + distributed media. It is stable, easy to use, and requires only the most basic computer skills to get going. more>>

Eee PC, 4 Months Later

You may recall about 4 months ago, I reviewed the Eee PC. As it turned out, the computer was actually a gift from my wife, so unlike many of the other products I review, I got to keep it. more>>

Top 25 Articles of All Time, Part 2

This week we take a look at the all-time favorite articles ever featured on We'll feature the top 25 in this series, presenting you with five each day this week. These 25 articles alone represent tens of millions of page views on more>>

Top Articles 16 - 20

Shawn Powers at Penguicon

This weekend, April 18-20, I'll be in Troy, Michigan for the 6th annual Penguicon convention. The Penguicon is an interesting convention, because it's both a Science Fiction convention, and a Linux convention. It's also interesting, because I've never been to a convention of any sort, so I have no idea what to expect.

Here's the deal: more>>

Here Comes IPv6... Guess Who is Not Ready

In about 100 days, the United States Federal Government will be required to be running large portions of their systems on IPv6. Now, for the few non-technical in the crowd, it means that the address your PC uses to connect to the Internet, in most cases, is IPv4. more>>

Highlight Your Shell Prompt When Working as Root

A useful thing that some distros have started doing is setting the color of your shell prompt differently if you're logged in as root. This gives you an additional visual cue that helps avoid doing things as root when you don't want to. If your distro doesn't do this for you, you can accomplish it by changing your .bashrc files. To set the color of your shell prompt you set the shell variable PS1. more>>

The Open Source Lifestyle -- Privacy versus Respect

If you click this link, you can see my house. That vehicle in the driveway is my 1991 Ford Ranger. I give you that link without hesitation, because with the current state of technology, it's a simple point and click to get my address, and a copy/paste after that to get a map. more>>

File Synchronization with Unison

Keeping the files on multiple machines synchronized seems to be a recurring problem for many computer users. Until I discovered Unison ( I never really had a completely satisfactory solution. more>>

Revolution Through Software

We all talk about our Open Source or Free software as a mainstream thing. Today it is certainly hard to see it as anything else. When you find Linux in airplanes, on Wall Streat and in your set-top box it certainly feels mainstream.