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Netgear Routes Open Source to the Router

In what is being called the first out-of-the-box Open Source router, Netgear yesterday announced the immediate availability of the WFR614L Router, complete with an entirely Open Source firmware package. more>>

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An Open Video to HP

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Shawn Powers has a message for hardware vendors. Listen up! more>>

Everything's Bigger – and Stranger – in Texas

There are a lot of things you want to have if you're going into the computer service business: quality tools, generous liability coverage, a basic idea of how computers work. If you're planning to open up shop in Texas, though, you'll be needing something else: a private investigator's license. more>>

Xandros Speaks Out: Inside the Linspire Deal

Early reports yesterday alleged that Xandros had secretly purchased Linspire, an accusation later confirmed by Xandros executives. We now have fresh details on the deal, straight from the mouth of Andreas Typaldos, CEO of Xandros and freshly installed President of Linspire. more>>

Out Patenting the Patent Trolls

The latest effort to outwit the spate of sham companies extorting patent royalties is a group effort to cross the bridge before the trolls can get there. more>>

HP Edging Closer to EDS

Hewlett-Packard inched closer to matching IBM's command of the tech market yesterday with the announcement that the U.S. investigation into the company's acquisition of Electronic Data Systems has ended with a thumbs up from Uncle Sam. more>>

Linux Product Insider: IronKey Secure Flash Drives

This "Linux Product Insider" features IronKey Secure Flash Drives, Jedox's Palo spreadsheet server, Tony Mullen's new Blender book, Hyperic's CloudStatus, Syuzi Pakhchyan's Fashioning Technology and Joel Spolsky's More Joel on Sofware. more>>

A Secret Xandros-Linspire Pact?

A report surfaced yesterday from a minority shareholder and former Linspire exec that the company has secretly sold itself to Xandros. more>>

ICANN Gives In To Vanity – For A Price

If you've ever wanted your very own top-level domain — ima.geek or noobs2.pwn — it's you're lucky day, because the guardians of the internet have opened the floodgates — provided you've got the cash. more>>

Nokia Open Sources Symbian

Nokia — the pulp-miller cum cellphone powerhouse — made a bold stroke for the Open Source world last week when they announced the purchase of Symbian Ltd. — then gave away its flagship product. more>>

Audio/Visual Synthesis For Linux: The New Art, Part 1

The Linux Journal recently published an article I wrote on Jean-Pierre Lemoine's AVSynthesis, a program designed for artists working with the computer as a medium for the synthesis of image and sound. I'm fascinated by that program, so I decided to research the existence of similar software. This article presents the current findings from that research. more>>

Everex Opens Up to Newmarket

Ultra-low-cost Linux laptop maker Everex — best known for the Cloudbook, a competitor to the popular EeePC from Asus — has attracted itself attention, and a buyout, from an emerging player in emerging markets. more>>

Pucker Up: LiMo Gets LiPS

The Mobile Linux market became a slightly more intimate group last week, as the parallel-path LiMo Foundation and LiPS Forum — that's Linux Phone Standards, you know — announced their merger into a single, powerhouse producer. more>>

The Dawn of a Post-Gates, Post-Microsoft World

The depth of Microsoft loathing among our clan is perhaps only second to our penguin loving. This loathing makes sense, given that Linux and open-source people are so fiercely merit driven, and great products have failed to end Microsoft's hegemony. But times they are a changin', for a post-Gates, post-Microsoft age has already begun. more>>

Greg Kroah Hartman on the Linux Kernel [Video]

Google Tech Talks brings us this presentation describing the rate of development for the Linux kernel, and how the development model is set up to handle such a large and diverse developer population and huge rate of change. more>>

Call For Articles - HPC (High Performance Computing)

Does a system with dual Quad Core processors, 128GB of RAM, and a Tera-Byte RAID array seem pretty tame to you? Does writing a program with a dozen threads seem about as complex as an abacus to you? Does a database with a million records seem like something you'd put on a USB memory stick? Do you know who John Backus was? Are you cleared for ridiculous by the US Government? more>>

Sherman Crank Up The WayBack Machine

If you don't get the title, you're probably too young to get the rest of this. If you don't know who John Backus was or what his contribution to computer science was then you're also, probably, too young. more>>

Latest CentOS Hits the Shelves

The latest version of CentOS — the Red Hat Enterprise Linux without the Red Hat — is now available, based on the newly-released RHEL 5.2. more>>

An Introduction to Gnome-Inform7 - part 2

This is the second in a two-part introduction to Gnome-Inform7 (and by extension, the Inform 7 language). I'm not going to spend much time re-capping what we covered last time, so if you haven't read part one, please do so now. more>>

OpenMoko Unleashes Freerunner on the Mobile Market

OpenMoko — the project behind the Neo line of Open Source mobile phones — has released its latest creation into the wild. The Neo Freerunner, successor to the Neo 1973, brings a host of new features to the hackable handset. more>>