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On Distro Names: Ubuntu, S.u.S.E. (er, SUSE) and Red Hat

It hit me this week how great of a name Ubuntu is. Despite being a Zulu word from South Africa, it rolls off the tongue so nicely regardless of your language. At least, that is my hunch, anyway. Here is why I say it. Earlier this week, I was hanging out with a friend who almost never uses a computer. I fired up my Kubuntu laptop to show him something online. more>>

Join us on Saturday in San Antonio

Beer + Linux Journal employees = Free stuff

Come join some of the Linux Journal crew in San Antonio Saturday, May 10th at 7pm for free beer and swag at the Flying Saucer. No agenda -- we just want to hang out with some Linux folks while we're in town (we know the SA Linux crowd is pretty serious and are looking forward to meeting more of you). more>>

Microsoft Misery: The Morning After

Details have been trickling in all weekend about Microsoft's decision Saturday to make good on their threats to take their toys and go home — although we'll likely never get all the pieces of the puzzle, enough have emerged to put together a roundup of how things went down. more>>

Interview With LPI's Jim Lacey

Linux Journal Products Editor, James Gray, spoke with Jim Lacey, Linux Professional Institute's President and CEO, about Linux certification today and its outlook for the future. more>>

How-to Triple Boot Ubuntu, XP, and Vista

This 30-minute walk-through video tutorial (split into 4 parts) walks you through the partitioning and installation processes of Windows and Ubuntu. more>>

Should Linux Standardize on a Single Distro?

When I demonstrate software for Linux Journal, I tend to use Ubuntu as my operating system. The reason is simply because Ubuntu is extremely popular, but it begs the question, should the Linux community standardize on a single distribution? Let's look at some of the pros and cons:

Advantages of a Single Linux Distro more>>

Late Breaking: Microsoft Walks Away

Linux Journal Breaking News has just learned that Microsoft has backed down from its unsolicited takeover bid for über-search firm Yahoo. more>>

Penguicon 6.0 -- Penguins in Space!

BONUS: Video interview with Benjamin Mako Hill, and bragging rights if you can identify the birds twittering in the background...

A couple weeks back, I headed down to Penguicon 6.0. It's a Linux convention, but also a Science Fiction convention. Really, it's like a geeky version of, "Hey your chocolate is in my peanut butter." more>>

Who Forgot to Tell Us that Linux is a Copy of UNIX?

According to legend, the priestess of Apollo at the Delphic Oracle was supposed to have delivered wild, frenzied, sometimes nonsensical prophecies after breathing mystical vapors rising from the ground beneath her three-legged stool. more>>

Linux Product Insider

This week's "Linux Product Insider" features SkyWayUSA's Rural Hi-speed Internet, Apress' MINDSTORMS NXT book, Curl Nitro, Open-Source Java and Linux, SugarCRM 5.1 Beta and Plat'Home's OpenMicroServer. more>>

Press Release: Linux Journal Announces Winners of 2008 Readers' Choice Awards

HOUSTON, TX – May 1, 2008 – Belltown Media, Inc., publisher of the award-winning monthly magazine Linux Journal, has announced the winners of its annual Linux Journal Readers' Choice Awards. more>>

There's Linux Inside

Have you ever uncovered Linux hidden in a place you didn't expect or have you implemented it covertly? Here are some interesting stories from readers.

This submission comes from Andy in Vermont, USA: more>>

Comparing hard and soft infrastructure

It turns out that hard infrastructure is softer than the name suggests. This is good, since I want to make the case that both LInux and the Net are forms of infrastructure no less legitimate than water, electricity, roads, sewers and waste collection. more>>

In A Flash, The Chains Are Off

In a somewhat surprising move, Adobe has decided to remove restrictions from its market-dominating Flash format, making development and closer integration of Flash applications possible for the first time. more>>

Mini Review: Open Source in <em>Harvard Business Review</em>

This month's Harvard Business Review features a case study of a company debating whether to open source its software. Here's a mini review of the article.


Should KMS Choose Open Source?

More Money May Be on the Table at Microsoft, So Are Walking and Whacking

Microsoft — which has spent the last three months in a frustrating bout of fisticuffs with Yahoo over its unwelcomed buyout offer — has finally begun to show some signs of life, after having more>>

RPMs - The HOWTO Short Story

If you like the latest and greatest version of everything and you use an RPM based system you probably want to learn how to create RPMs. You don't have to, you can just download the latest source and compile and install it in /usr/local. This of course leaves your system in a state where your RPM database does not accurately reflect what is installed on your system. Again, this will work, but building RPMs isn't (usually at least) that difficult. more>>

SCO v. Novell Back on the Front Burner

It's been a while since anything interesting went on in the epic SCO v. Novell litigation — primarily because the matter has been mired in federal court for months due to SCO's Chapter 11 Bankruptcy. more>>

Is Linux now a slave to corporate masters?

Does it matter who pays the salaries of Linux kernel developers? If so, how much, and in what ways? more>>