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Ladies and Gentlemen, Our Flight Has Been Hacked

It's possible to hack just about anything — even the occasional toaster — but according to FAA documents, it's even possible to hack Boeing's new 787. more>>

McAfee Warns About the Risks of Open Source

McAfee — best known for their anti-virus software and security bulletins — has issued a different kind of bulletin to investors, warning of "unanticipated obligations" resulting from the company's use of Open Source software. more>>

Hunting Linux at CES

So what's new with Linux at CES this year? That's our question. If you have the answers, let's have 'em. Because we'll be there on a Linux Hunt, just like we are every year. The difference this time is that we'd like to make this a Team Thing. more>>

Sony Gives Up On DRM

In what is being described as the "end of the DRM era" Sony's music division has decided to drop DRM from their music tracks — somewhat. more>>

Intel Gives OLPC The Shove

Intel — the multi-billion dollar company perhaps best known for its line of microprocessors — has decided it isn't really interested in providing laptops to underprivileged kids, at least not if they're XO laptops from One Laptop Per Child. more>>

Followup: Was Linux Worth It?

A few days back, I posted a story regarding our LTSP server upgrades over Christmas Break here at my school district. I must confess, things didn't go well on Thursday when school resumed. In fact, it was a horrible mess. Here's the skinny: more>>

Dependence vs. Independence. That's the choice.

The matter of Scoble vs. Facebook is not about either. It's about the deeper choice we face in all the relationships we choose on the Net: the choice between dependence and independence. more>>

What Won't Microsoft Break?

Microsoft — the company that for unknown reasons has the image of being more secure and reliable than Open Source software — has been hard at work breaking things things month, including Windows Home Server and their FolderShare application. more>>

Sorting Photos

We all know the right way to sort photos is to do them right after you take them. We also know that doing a disk backup before your drive fails is the right way to do backups. But, we don't always do things the right way. Enter my situation. I have close to 10,000 photos takes with my digital camera over the last seven years. Yes, same camera—this could probably be an ad more>>

Come See The Spyware Side Of Sears

Spyware seems to be everywhere these days. more>>

OpenMoko Unveils Open Source Smartphone

Open Source phones have captivated our attention for quite a while, from the now-superseded Greenphone to Google's eagerly-anticipated Android. Now there's news about the next wave in truly-open phones, OpenMoko. more>>

The Joy of Sybex (and Other Linux Publishers)

As Products Editor and Newsletter Editor here at Linux Journal, I come across many computer books. Despite our era of 'get it on the 'Net' and perverse industry consolidation, I am continually astounded by the variety and quality of books, on both real and virtual paper, to which we now have access. more>>

Netflix Moves From Mail Order To On Demand

Netflix — the dot-com that beat the bubble and shipped over a billion DVD's to subscribers across the US — has decided to take its subscription service digital by offering set-top boxes that will download movies and more direct from the internet. more>>

LJ is Hiring

Linux Journal is looking to add a sales person to its team. Must be strong in sales, energetic, intelligent, interested in Linux (we'll train the right candidate) and fun. (Those are our only demands, we swear.) :-) more>>

Off the Grid Computing

Today an Aleutia E1 showed up on my desk. I'm passing it on to Gadget Guy Shawn Powers for a full review, but in the meanwhile wanted to share with you the basics.

The Aleutia's claim to fame? * Zero technical know-how required. * Small, silent, and built for harsh climates. more>>

Testing Godwin's Law

Last week I came across Godwin's Law. Many of you may already be familiar with it. For those of you who aren't, Godwin's Law, according to wikipedia, states: As an online discussion grows longer, the probability of a comparison involving Nazis or Hitler approaches one. more>>

Time Picks The Sites Of The Year

From Twitter to, we've all got our sites we just can't live without. While we've all been glued to our screens this year, getting our daily fix of the sites that matter most, Time has been collecting the fifty best. more>>

Is Linux Worth the Effort?

I've spent the better part of the past 2 weeks banging away on 2 LTSP servers for our school district. I find myself lamenting to those around me, and being an otherwise cranky guy as well. This morning it dawned on me that people probably think I'm having such a hard time because I'm using Linux instead of the "norm" -- but that's just not the case. more>>

Novell Gets Big Bucks From Big Evil

The Novell chiefs are making big noise about the reasons they consider their interoperability deal with Microsoft a big success, but some believe their SEC filings reveal a lot more about their enthusiasm. more>>