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Everybody Wants a Piece of Yahoo

It seems like everybody suddenly acquired an interest in Yahoo last week, with two different parties launching proxy bids, Google continuing to collude on an advertising deal, and Microsoft suddenly deciding they're still interested. About the only group who haven't been sniffing around Yahoo HQ is AOL, but 10:1 it's just that they've been too busy. more>>

Bash Input Redirection

If you use the shell you surely know about redirection: # echo 'hello world' >output # cat <output The first line writes "hello world" to the file "output", the second reads it back and writes it to standard output (normally the terminal). more>>

The C in CNET Stands for CBS

The former Colombia Broadcasting System — better known to viewers as CBS — has decided it's not doing enough to reach the technology market, and with a swish of the pen, have found a remedy: Buy CNET for just under $2 billion. more>>

a2ps: unknown medium 'libpaper'

Say what? This could be a bug report if I knew enough to write an intelligent one. But, I don't so consider this a note to anyone that if they get this message, they are not the first. more>>

Linux Product Insider: Instant-on Internet for ASUS

This week's "Linux Product Insider" features instant-on Internet on ASUS motherboards, Adobe Flash Player 10 beta, Sacred Gold for Linux, The Book of IMAP, Deploying Rails Applications and Adaptec's Series 2 Serial RAID Controllers. more>>

10 Must-Have Firefox Extensions

A whirlwind tour through the powerful and diverse world of Firefox extensions. more>>

LTSP 5 - Making Thin Clients Phat

Last year, I wrote about our school district's implementation of LTSP. In the article, I pointed out the significant limitations a thin client environment gives you. While I don't think my article was the reason the issues were addressed, less than a year later just about every limitation I highlighted has been eradicated. more>>

Charter Trades Privacy for Pocketbook

Internet Service Provider Charter Communications has cooked up a new scheme to fill the coffers, and are rolling it out with a letter campaign to customers advising that the new policy will be pennies over privacy. more>>

Give Me 3 Synths, Part 2

In this second installment I'll profile Minicomputer, a subtractive synthesizer with some familiar aspects, unique characteristics, and terrific sounds. Let's take a look under its hood and see what makes the Minicomputer run. more>>

Does Microsoft Understand Splashtop?

I just read this article. Here are the two sentences that prompt me to ask this question. Later Splashtop will be featured on all the company’s [Asus's] motherboards, over a million units a month. and more>>

Drop This and You'll Break Wind

Watch out Asus Eee PC -- a flood of low-cost laptops based on Intel's new Atom N270 processor are set to come out in the upcoming months, the first being the MSI Wind. more>>

How Long Have You Been a Linux User?

We know a fair number of you have been around since the beginning, but we figure there are those of you who may be new to the Linux community, as it does seem to be growing at an impressive pace. One of the great things about is that you can all come together and weigh in on any topic from so many different angles and levels of experience. We're curious. From the beginnings of Linux - 1994 and earlier. I was hooked by kernel 1.0! 7% (254 votes) 1994-1996. Pre-2.0. 9% (337 votes) 1996-1999. Version 2.0. 18% (659 votes) 1999-2001. Version 2.2. 14% (517 votes) 2001-2003 Version 2.4. 16% (588 votes) 2003-2005. 2.6 got it right, and I came aboard. 12% (421 votes) 2005-2007 Linux was everywhere, and I had to check it out. 12% (446 votes) 2007-2008 I am a new user! [Welcome to the party!] 10% (365 votes) Total votes: 3587

Open Source Ecommerce

I am pretty sure that Linux Journal has about the smartest readership of any publication I can think of. Seriously, I have met many of you. You're absurdly bright people. more>>

Verizon Joins Linux for Mobile Devices

LiMo (Linux for Mobile Devices) is an industry consortium working to create an open, hardware-independent, Linux-based operating system for mobile devices.

Today Verizon joined LiMo. Verizon isn't dropping support for Android as a result of the move, but LiMo will become their "preferred OS". Their first LiMo handsets will ship in 2009. more>>

SSL Glitch Unlocks Debian, Ubuntu, & Others

A vulnerability report hit the wire yesterday announcing that a commonly used security package contained a Debian-specific vulnerability rendering it guessable by hackers. more>>

MySpace Cashes in Spam to the Tune of $234 Million

MySpace — the social networking site raking in mountains of cash on the backs of indie bands and emo kids everywhere — has found a new way to fill their coffers: spam. No, they're not sending it, they're suing — and it's making them a bundle, at least on paper. more>>

Wireshark 1.0

Its not breaking news, since it happened in March, but Wireshark 1.0 has been released. The news, for me at least, was that Wireshark even existed, never heard of it before. Somebody mentioned it recently when we were trying to diagnose a networking problem. more>>

Call For Articles - Programming Languages

Stop! Before you run off and write YACPORA (Yet Another C, PHP/Perl/Python, Or Ruby Article), let's try something a little different, something to broaden our horizons. more>>

Google Shoos the Trustbusters Away

By now, we've all heard about — and grown tired of — the anticlimactic end to the Microsoft-Yahoo deal. The new news, however, is the ultra-secret to-be-determined deal between Yahoo and Google. more>>

Fedora 9 Sulphur Released

KDE4, persistent USB key support, updated packages and FreeIPA support are just a few of the major changes in this release of Fedora.

Fedora 9 can be downloaded