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Things are Looking Stormy for GNOME

Yesterday was a dreary, rainy day — at least outside the newsroom here at Breaking News — but the meteorological presence at GNOME HQ was decidedly more pleasant, as the Foundation announced the appointment of Stormy Peters as Executive Director. more>>

Add an Auto-Incrementing Build-Number to Your Build Process

When building software it's often useful to give each iteration of your build process a unique number. Many IDEs and RAD tools do this for you automatically. If yours doesn't and you're using a make file to build your code you can add an auto-incrementing build number to your project with a few simple changes to your make file. more>>

GPS and GIS: A Great Combination, Part I

A GPS unit and a Geographic Information System (GIS) program are a great team. With a GPS receiver in hand, you can tap into the network of government satellites to calculate your position on Earth to within meters. With a GIS on your desktop, you can import acquired GPS data onto to your desktop and combine it with other geospatial features such as maps, aerial photos and satellite imagery. more>>

Gentoo Countdown Reaches Zero

If you're the do-it-yourself sort, one who likes to pick exactly what they want and cut the fluff, then today is the day to celebrate, as Gentoo — Linux the way you see fit — has reached its first milestone for 2008. more>>

Hans Reiser Confesses, Leads Police to Murdered Wife's Body

In a stunning turnaround of a case that kept the Linux community captivated for months, Hans Reiser has confessed to strangling his wife and lead authorities to her body in exchange for a reduced sentence. more>>

How Should Mozilla Execute Its Vision?

The announcement by the GNOME Foundation that it is appointing Stormy Peters as its Executive Director confirms a suspicion that I've harboured for a while: that we are witnessing the evolution of major open source projects into new kinds of players in the computing world, ones that require full-time staff not just to run them, but also to articulate what exactly they are trying to do *beyond* the code. more>>

Call for Articles -- GADGETS!!!

As Linux Journal's Gadget Guy, it seemed appropriate for me to make this call for articles. Our December issue of Linux Journal is dedicated to Gadgets. No, it's not the "Shawn Powers" issue (How scary is that notion?), but rather it's an issue full of gadget related material. That's where you come in. more>> calls.for.papers

The annual — Australia's Linux conference supreme — is already off to a good start for 2009, just months after the 2008 event and before the memories have had time to fade. more>>

Automating the creation of slide shows in

Why do you need an article on building slide shows in Impress? You don't, in one sense, because the application is simple enough for anyone who has ever seen a slide show to figure out. If you want, you can just plunge in and learn by doing. However, if you take the time to learn, you'll find that has two tools to help you organize and automate the process -- and, ultimately, to help you save time. more>>

Vendors and Drivers and Hardware, Oh My...

In my video last week, I really hammered on Hewlett Packard. It's important to realize, however, that they are merely the vendor that happened to irk me at just the right time. My video could easily have been pointed at any number of tier one computer hardware vendors, and it would have been just as heartfelt. more>>

What happens after TV's mainframe era ends next February?

Remember television? For most of its history, TV wasn't cable, satellite or YouTube. It was radio with low-res moving pictures. more>>

Nicaragua Libre

They forgot to tell me but somewhere in my neighborhood Ubuntu Linux has moved in. With the number of seats they are talking about it is not "just a little town". Ok, I followed the link to his previous post and the town is Jalapa. more>>

ISO Sets PDF as Default

If you've been looking for an open and standard format for exchanging documents, search no more, as yesterday brought the official ISO approval of Adobe's Portable Document Format as an international standard. more>>

It's Official: Firefox is Huge

Everyone already knows that the Firefox World Record attempt went over like Fourth of July fireworks — so much so that they blew the boxen away — but the big finish has finally arrived: Guinness has certified Download Day 2008 as a world record. more>>

Data Manipulation with Sprog

I don't think I know anyone who relishes the task of data manipulation, and I'm certainly not different. Some of the more complicated manipulations pose a briefly satisfying technical challenge, but in the end, data manipulation is boring. more>>

Barracuda Bites Back

The ongoing patent battle between Trend Micro and Barracuda Networks — a case that has galvanized the Open Source community in defense of the ClamAV project — took a new turn yesterday as Barracuda filed a coutersuit against Trend Micro seeking damages for infringement of their own set of patents. more>>

Time to school the FCC on what "free" really means

It's time to get ornery again with the FCC. Fortunately, they're asking for it, by soliciting comment on this FCC rulemaking proposal for "Service Rules for Advanced Wireless Services in the 1915-1920 MHz, 1995-2000 MHz, 2020-2025 MHz and 2175-2180 MHz Bands.

It's a chocolate-covered spider. more>>

Netgear Routes Open Source to the Router

In what is being called the first out-of-the-box Open Source router, Netgear yesterday announced the immediate availability of the WFR614L Router, complete with an entirely Open Source firmware package. more>>

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An Open Video to HP

See video

Shawn Powers has a message for hardware vendors. Listen up! more>>

Everything's Bigger – and Stranger – in Texas

There are a lot of things you want to have if you're going into the computer service business: quality tools, generous liability coverage, a basic idea of how computers work. If you're planning to open up shop in Texas, though, you'll be needing something else: a private investigator's license. more>>