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What Comes After the Windows Era?

As a computer journalist for the last 25 years, I've received a lot of review copies of software. As something of an obsessive magpie, I've tended to keep most of it, “for reference”. Until yesterday, that is, when I finally threw out all those copies of OS/2, Lotus SmartSuite, and my entire collection of Microsoft software. This included Windows NT 3.5, Windows 2000, Microsoft Office and many, many more. What's makes this little spring-cleaning exercise particularly apt as well as cathartic is that all of us - and not just me - may finally be witnessing the end of the Windows era. more>>

Monitoring Processes with Kill

If you have a process ID but aren't sure whether it's valid, you can use the most unlikely of candidates to test it: the kill command. If you don't see any reference to this on the kill(1) man page, check the info pages. The man/info page states that signal 0 is special and that the exit code from kill tells whether a signal could be sent to the specified process (or processes). more>>

Appeals Court Delivers Copyright Conquest for Open Source Coders

The United States Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit handed Open Source developers — and a model train enthusiast — a hard-fought victory yesterday, as it laid down the law — quite literally — regarding copyright infringement claims that result from the violation of an Open Source license. more>>

Wii-Linux + T2 SDE Linux 6.0 + X Server Running XD

This video is from nuvalo who writes: "This is the latest kernel from Wii-Linux, which supports USB, Bluetooth, etc. This video shows how it boots T2 SDE for PowerPC, with its X server and the login. The colors are messed up as the X server writes its colors in RGB format, and the Wii frame buffer only supports yuv2. Anyway, it is possible to run an X server without too much effort." more>>

Comcast Leaves Linux-Loving School in the Lurch

It's no secret that Linux users face difficulties in the commercial world. Whether it's being painted as masses of hackers — as eBay once did, — being forced to listen to FUD-filled "warnings" about Open Source, or the lesser but far more common case of the service provider that just "doesn't get" Linux, we've all experienced the headache that comes with dealing with the Windows-only elements of the world. For some users, such problems force them back to Windowsland — but for some, it just makes them mad. more>>

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Review: Flip Video Ultra

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Linux Journal Gadget Guy, Shawn Powers, reviews the Flip Video Ultra, a small portable video camera, and shows us how easy it is to edit the video with Kino.

Thanks to our sponsor: Silicon Mechanics more>>

KDE Codes Conduct, Working Group, and Fiduciary Duty

The general assembly of KDE e.V. — the non-profit foundation that handles the KDE project's legal and financial matters — met last week in the midst of this year's KDE Akademy — currently underway through Friday in Sint-Katelijne-Waver, Belgium — and out of their meeting comes a triad of freshly ratified proposals designed to protect the best interests of the project and its members. more>>

Converting troff to HTML

Ok, more specifically, troff using the mm macros to HTML. This is another from my "rusty scripts" collection which was written for a specific task long ago. In this case, we were converting some internal documentation from troff using the mm macros into HTML.


Polynational Tux Curiosity

One could play for hours with Google Trends ( Not only does it show the spikes and slopes of search volume across time since the beginning of 2004, but it also lists the current top ten regions, cities and languages for each search. You can search for multiple keywords, comma-separated, and see colored lines for each. The results are usually more interesting than revealing. more>>

Linspire to Get the Chop

Xandros — the new owners of Linspire — have been busy the last few weeks, and it seems most of their time has been spent with a scythe. Last week, it was Ubuntu meeting the block, now this week, it's Linspire — the company they just paid untold millions for. more>>

Linux Foundation Rolls Out Third Beta of the Developer's Dream

The Linux Foundation — those foster-ers of growth who, among other important things, keep Linus Torvalds a-coding — have just released an app that will reportedly ignite a passion among programmers for Linux development. What is this tool with Cupid-like powers, you ask? A shiny little program called the Linux Application Checker, which just hit its third beta. more>>

Linux Product Insider: The Linux Foundation’s End-User Collaboration Summit

This "Linux Product Insider" features The Linux Foundation’s End-User Collaboration Summit, KDE 4.1, Sun’s Web Stack, RedPost’s Sign and the book Ad Hoc Networking. more>>

Generating Native Excel Files in Perl

Over the years, I've probably created thousands of reports for customers and co-workers. Usually, I have a web-based program that generates reports in either html or comma-separated format. The html format is a lot prettier and usually gives the user what they want. more>>

Floating Point Math in Bash, Part 2 (Wait for System Load)

If you run scripts that require a lot of execution time it's a good idea to try to avoid letting them overload your system. You can run them via nice, but if for example your script is sending a bunch of emails your email daemon isn't running via nice and it may itself get out of control. One way to deal with this is by using the values in /proc/loadavg to pause when your system load gets too high. more>>

Creating an Audio CD with mp3cd

I guess the title tells you too much. The reality is that I was given some MP3 files and wanted to put them on a normal audio CD so the non-geeks here could listen to them. Thus, consider this a geek to non-geek conversion article. more>>

Going Green

It would seem, that unless you are not actively involved in the current world (perhaps you are busy studying the galaxy or wondering whether that really is water on Mars), you might have heard something about going green. more>>

Unison Comes to Ubuntu

Have you been looking for a way to merge your PBX, email, IM, and calendar/contacts onto one unified server? If so, Ubuntu has the announcement you've been waiting for, as they revealed a so-fresh-it-still-has-the-shrinkwrap partnership with Unison Technologies during the LinuxWorld Expo on Tuesday. more>>

Freespire to Ditch Ubuntu for a Return to Debian

After last month's super-secret acquisition of Linspire by Xandros, there was much speculation about what might become of Freespire, Linspire's Open Source side. The curtain has now been pulled back, as Xandros announced yesterday just what users can expect from the next version of Freespire. more>>

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Get Your Webcam Working with GSPCA

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Webcams are notorious for their lack of support under Linux. But thanks to GSPCA, many webcams now have functional V4L drivers. This tutorial covers the building, installation, and configuration of the GSPCA drivers, including how to adjust color balance and brightness directly at the kernel module level. more>>