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Look Who Gave Money to Apache

ASF seems to have a new member to the tune of at least $100,000/year. Who? None other than Microsoft. The information is in Sam Ramji's blog. Who? more>>

British Hacker Slips One Step Closer to US Prison

For over a year — February 2001 through March 2002 — a self-described British "computer nerd" quietly accessed U.S. military and NASA computers from his home in London, on what he termed a "moral crusade" to expose U.S. government cover-ups of UFO activity. Now, having twice lost the fight against extradition, he is teetering on the brink of becoming a U.S. prisoner, and possibly disappearing into the depths of Guantanamo Bay. more>>

Is Google's Knol already becoming a den of spam?

Heard about Knol yet? It's Google's Xth new service, and it's a place where you can put up "an authoritative article about a specific topic". That's a knol too. Article=knol.

My first encounter with Knol was at Pointless Games more>>

SourceForge Reveals the Winners of the "Open Source Viewers Choice Awards"

The annual Open Source Viewers Choice — better known as the Community Choice Awards — have been underway since early June, and the results are finally in. Plenty of big names top the list, but for some, one has to wonder if it's more dubious than a distinction. more>>

Reverse Engineering Malware on Linux with IDA Pro

The brief method. If I get good response to this post, I will put up a more detailed and in-depth look at malware reversing on Linux. more>>

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Bug Labs at OSCON

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Linux Journal's Gadget Guy, Shawn Powers, talks to Ken Gilmer of bug labs. Ken gives a peek at the BUG, an open electronics platform running Poky Linux. Be sure and check out Bug Labs in the August Issue of Linux Journal more>>

The Next Big Thing for Desktop Environments: KDE 4.1

In January, the much-anticipated KDE 4 burst onto the scene to a fanfare of excited reviews — and a few disappointments. Now comes the next generation of KDE 4, and from what we hear, it's definitely something to see. more>>

Floating Point Math in Bash

When you think about it, it's surprising how many programming tasks don't require the use of floating point numbers. If you're an embedded systems programmer, you'd probably get fired for using "double" in a C program. If you write PHP or JavaScript, quick, do they even support floating point? One language that doesn't support it is Bash, but let's not let that stop us... more>>

Linux Makes Phones Even Cheaper

Purple Labs, a company based in France with a multinational management team, is pushing Linux mobile phones outward in capabilities and downward in price. more>>

1/2 Off Linux Journal Archive CD-ROM

We don't and won't typically post promotions within our blogs but this deal is a little juicy so we wanted to make sure to spread the word. Through this Friday, August 1, the latest Linux Journal Archive CD-ROM is 1/2 off the regular price. more>>

Interview with Opera CTO Håkon Wium Lie

Products Editor James Gray recently sat down for a virtual gab fest with Håkon Wium Lie Chief Technology Officer of Opera. They discussed Opera 9.5, Opera's history, why Linux users should choose Opera and much more. more>>

What Google Does (and needs to keep doing)

Jeff Jarvis is working on a book called What Would Google Do? Since Google just did something good for me — and for a market that needs help desperately — I thought I'd share my experience with Jeff and the rest of you.

What Google Did for me was radically improve one of the most annoying experiences in the Webbed world: registering a domain name. more>>

What the Heck is Going On in San Francisco?

Everyone — or at least those with a penchant for the bizarre — will remember the strange and storied standoff that unfolded over the last several weeks between the San Francisco city government and allegedly "rogue" network administrator Terry Childs. We didn't really believe it could get much more absurd than it already had, but we were wrong, it has. Oh has it ever. more>>

Rails Gig to Drool Over

Every once in awhile we hear of a cool job that we know Linux Journal readers would drool over. This time it's our friends over at Inventables and they're hiring for a Lead Developer, Programmer.

Job description (partial): more>>

A Quick Look at Writer 3.0 Beta 2 3.0 beta 2 is available in preparation for an official September release. Here are some quick first impressions of the Writer word-processor program. more>>

Atheros Adds Linux to its Lineup

Getting proprietary vendors to provide Linux drivers for their products has not traditionally been an easy process — indeed, that may be the understatement of the year. Convincing them to release Open Source drivers has proven even more difficult. (Read: Near impossible.) It's a day to celebrate, though, at least for Atheros users, as the company has just released a completely free wireless driver for its WLAN chipsets. more>>

More on Contingency Plans

A couple of weeks ago, I tangentially mentioned the need for contingency plans. Today, I want to look at them a little more closely. My current job is about as far away from Continuity of Operations (COOP) and disaster recovery (DR) as you can get, yet I still deal in the issues of disasters, and preventing them, both professionally and personally. more>>

Opening the Cellwaves

How long before the carriers and the FCC admit that the new transmission medium for radio is the cell system? And how long before they also recognize that the cell system is properly part of the Net's infrastructure and not just cordless telephony with messaging tacked on? more>>

CherryPal PC: Linux and Green Go Together

I am so proud of the Linux Community for many reasons, but I’m amazed at how well it continues to impress the ‘greenie’ in me. more>>

Convert Filenames to Lowercase

I was going to claim I wrote this yesterday but the timestamp on the file is 22 Nov 1998. Nothing new, nothing fancy but it does the job.