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Anonymize Your Emails with MixMaster

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Email is one of the least private and least secure forms of communication, although few people realize this. MixMaster is one way to allow secure, anonymous communication even over the very public medium of email. This tutorial will get you started with MixMaster quickly and easily. more>>

Eclipse Ganymede

If you've never looked at Eclipse and you work with multiple programming languages or multiple platforms, take some time to try Eclipse. more>>

On standards and standards bodies

What does it mean to be open.

My copy of Oxford defines open as: unconcealed circumstances or condition. Way back in the day when the GNU operating system was getting going, they coined the mantra: Free software is a matter of liberty, not price. To understand the concept, you should think of free as in free speech, not as in free beer. more>>

Google Reveals Winners of Android Challenge

Nearly a year after it was first announced, Google has finally revealed the winners of the $10 million Android Developers Challenge — but not before becoming ensnared in controversy over the distribution of the platform's software development kit. more>>

Watch Africa Today

"In Africa people are much more attuned to blogs than you'd think." Ethan Zuckerman just said that. (You might remember Ethan from .) It's one quotable line among a cascade of them. And he hasn't even gotten around to the remarkable Eric Osiakwan yet. Both are talking about The Climate of Innovation Around Information Technology in Sub-Saharan Africa, the topic of today's luncheon at the Berkman Center. It's being streamed live, and it's so different from the usual geek fare — yet both geeky and extremely important for both Kenya and Africa. more>>

Reading Native Excel Files in Perl

In my last article for Linux Journal's web edition, I discussed a web-based program that queried an SQL database and output a native Excel file. That article was based on a program I wrote for a customer some time ago. more>>

Reiser Saga Ends with Fifteen Years to Life

The circus surrounding the trial of Hans Reiser — the self-styled "inept geek" turned murderer — came to a close Friday, as the ReiserFS developer was formally found guilty of second-degree murder and sentenced to serve fifteen-years-to-life for his crime. more>>

Product Spotlight: Data Domain Deduplication Storage

Linux Journal's Associate Editor Shawn Powers chats with Data Domain about their deduplication storage systems which optimize data protection and disaster recovery (DR) performance. The folks at Data Domain offer a range of products to meet the nearline storage needs of enterprises of all sizes, as they seek to reduce costs and simplify data management. more>>

One Tale of Two Scientific Distros

Several weeks ago, I was flying west past Chicago, watching the ground slide by below, when I spotted the signature figure eight of the Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory, better known as Fermilab. I shot some pictures, which I put up at the Linux Journal Flickr pool (Flickr also uses Linux). more>>

Linux Product Insider: Memopal Online Backup Utility

The August 2th "Linux Product Insider" features Memopal Online Backup, gNewSense 2.1, Super Talent Pico D USB Drive, SEH's PS56 WLAN Print Server and the new book Building Embedded Linux Systems more>>

Bloomberg Accidentally Kills Steve Jobs

It's no secret that the press likes to be ready for every eventuality — but part of that preparedness is knowing the difference between contingency and contretemps. That was a lesson learned rather painfully by Bloomberg News on Wednesday, after the media giant accidentally published still-living Apple-founder Steve Jobs' obituary. more>>

Linux Foundation Takes Summit to the End

The Linux Foundation — the not-for-profit consortium that keeps our Fearless Leader Linus 'a-coding, among other things — has announced that for the first time, it is sponsoring an End User Collaboration Summit aimed at bringing together "sophisticated users" with the Linux leadership. more>>

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Outtakes from Linux World Expo

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In case you were wondering about the fun side of Linux World Expo, we thought we'd give you a peek at our shenanigans. We at Linux Journal love what we do so much, that we can't help but have a ball wherever we go. more>>

Quebec government being sued, for buying Microsoft!

This certainly qualifies as an interesting development. CBC is reporting that FACIL, a non-profit organization that promotes the adoption of free software in Quebec, is suing the provincial government for buying Microsoft software. More specifically, they are alleging that Quebec's provincial government refuses to allow competing bids (including bids from free software vendors) in preference of large players like Microsoft. Allow me to quote from the CBC article. more>>

Debian Security Flaw

The debian security flaw and the supposed attacks were pointed out to me earlier today. There's a blurb about it here on LJ. The US-CERT warning is here. The original debian advisory about the actual bug is

An Overview of Twitter Clients for Linux

Micro-blogging sites are everywhere these days. There's Jaiku, FriendFeed, Pownce, Tumblr, and, to name a few. For many, though, the original micro-blogging site is the best: Twitter. more>>

Product Spotlight: GoGrid Servers in the Cloud

GoGrid is a competitor to Amazon Web Services -- they have a multi-server control panel that enables you to deploy and manage load-balanced cloud servers in just minutes (it appears to take about 5 minutes to be exact). Associate Editor Shawn Powers met up with GoGrid this month on the LinuxWorld Expo show floor and chatted with them about cloud computing. more>>

Convert diff output to colorized HTML

If you search the web you can find a number of references to programs/scripts that convert diff output to HTML. This is a bash version. more>>

Government Gurus Warn of Stolen SSH Rootkit Attacks

The United States Computer Emergency Readiness Team is warning users running Linux systems and utilizing SSH for system access that a new round of rootkit attacks is underway. more>>

Where are we on 508 compliance?

As a computer professional I take my sight for granted. Think about it, how much you rely on your eyes. How much of what we do is based on what is on the screen and where it is on the screen. more>>