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Where Do YOU Send Netbook Users For Help?

As a Linux evangelist, I find myself in an interesting quandary. There are many new netbooks being sold with Linux pre-installed, but often the way Linux is installed is not what I’m used to seeing. I’m not sure if that’s a good thing or a bad thing. I understand the reasoning for custom interfaces, but it has some disadvantages. more>>

Slax: Your Pocket Operating System

Slax is a fast, small, portable Linux distribution taking a modular approach that gives you the ability to easily add on your favorite software. Just download a module with the software, copy it to Slax -- no installing, no configuring.

See it in action: more>>

Breaking: Wikileaks Missing

Breaking News has just learned that Wikileaks — the website utilized to post materials obtained from Republican Vice Presidential Candidate Sarah Palin's personal Yahoo mail account — is, for undisclosed reasons, no longer available online. more>>

Anonymous Hacks Vice Presidential Candidate

It must be Hacker Day here at Breaking News — as though the Large Hadron Collider being hacked wasn't enough, it has now been revealed that the group known as Anonymous has successfully hacked into the Yahoo email account of Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin and released at least some of its contents into the wild. more>>

Do Your Best Jagger - Get a Free Poster

Here's how to get a VERY cool poster. FREE! Listen up. :) more>>

Linux Product Insider - ”Free the Penguins” Virtualization in Schools Initiative

The "Linux Product Insider" features: ”Free the Penguins” Virtualization in Schools Initiative; ZaReason's Breeze 3110 PC; Gimpel's FlexeLint for C/C++; Glacier Computer's Everest Rugged Industrial Computer; Alternative Technology's Oracle Unbreakable Linux Support. more>>

Hackers Try to Suck the Earth Into Black Hole

If there weren't already enough problems at the European Organization for Nuclear Research — angry calls & letters, protests, panic, even death threats — surrounding the Large Hadron Collider — in addition, that is, to the chief problem of making the device work — there certainly are now, as a new and particularly frightening problem has arisen: hackers. more>>

Search Engine has returned

If you, like me, follow technology trends and issues as much as you do the underlying technology that makes them, then you have probably stumbled across a podcast out of Canada called Search Engine. more>>

Java Sound & Music Software for Linux, Part 2

In this second part of my survey I list and briefly describe some of the Java sound and music applications known to work under Linux. Java applications show up in almost every category found at and the Applications Database at The scalability of the language is well-demonstrated throughout those pages where one can find everything from highly specialized mini-applications to full-size production environments. Of course I can't cover or even present the entire range of Java soundapps, but this survey should give readers a good idea of Java's potential in the sound and music software domain. Again the presentation is in no special order. more>>


If you've been a Linix/UNIX user for a long time you surely know what RTFM means (Read The *bleep* Manual). I'd like to offer up a new, related acronym, RRTFM, for Re-Read The *bleep* Manual. more>>

Ubuntu, Firefox Under Fire – From the Inside

The brouhaha is nothing new to Open Source software projects. In fact, if there is ever a day when someone, somewhere is not screaming about bad decisions or better ways, then that's a day when progress isn't being made. The news that users were storming the gates at Canonical and Mozilla HQ, though, caught us a little by surprise. more>>

Standing Up to Hurricane Ike. . . with Linux, of Course

As some of us at Linux Journal clean our yards of debris, repair our broken windows, and make do with spotty internet access, power outages, and grocery shortages, we thought we'd share a story about the silver lining in the reality that is big, bad hurricane Ike. more>>

Check Your Computer's Temperature

You can check your computer's temperature using only standard tools, with the command: more>>

What They're Using: Michael Anti and His Eee PC

Michael Anti is an engineer and journalist whose work has appeared in the New York Times, Huaxia Times, 21st Century World Herald, Washington Post, Southern Metropolis Daily and Far and Wide Journal. He has been a researcher, a columnist, a reporter, a war correspondent in Baghdad (in 2003) and more—and achieved notoriety in 2005 when Microsoft deleted his blog. more>>

GoogleBot: Slayer of Stock Prices

UAL Corp. had a nasty surprise on Monday when its stock price fell nearly 75% after a computerized chain-reaction caused outdated information to hit the trading floor hard — and UAL's financials even harder. more>>

O'Reilly to Oregon: We're Leaving (On A Jet Plane)

The O'Reilly Open Source Conference — OSCON — has made its home in Portland, Oregon since 2003, but won't be any longer, as the event's organizers have decided to pull up stakes and — like many other technology groups — move to California's San Francisco Bay area. more>>

Fedora Changes the Locks

The Fedora Project has had a rough time over the last month. Beginning with the announcement of an unidentified "infrastructure systems issue," the project's problems continued through the revelation that one or more of the project's package-management servers had been hacked, leaving the security of the distribution's entire package system in doubt. more>>

Linux Journal Flickr Pool Roundup

Linux Journal's Flickr pool regularly brings in fun photos from readers around the world. more>>

New X.Org to Arrive, Better Late Than Never

The X Window System is a fundamental part of nearly all Unix-like systems, providing the framework that allows for the myriad of graphical interfaces available to the end user. Being such an essential component, new releases are eagerly anticipated, and the one expected today is no exception, particularly as the eager anticipation has repeatedly been prolonged. more>>

Custom checks and notifications for Nagios

A while back, I wrote an article for Linux Journal's web edition entitled “Howto be a good (and lazy) System Administrator.” A couple astute readers, after reading the article, asked if I was familiar with the Nagios monitoring system, and I am. I've been using Nagios for a few years now. more>>