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Who Ordered the Linux, Extra DRM?

DRM — digital rights management — isn't something one usually associates with Linux, given the freely available nature of the source code for the vast majority of Linux applications. Apparently someone wants it, though, as Aladdin Knowledge Systems has just announced the latest version of their HASP SRM package, complete with Linux support. more>>

Mandriva Has a Plan, and They Want You to Know It

It's been a week of unveiling and announcing, and nobody seems to want to be left out. The latest arrival to the party is Mandriva, which has announced the roadmap for Mandriva Linux 2009. more>>

The Fifteen Year Vintage Finally Arrives

It's finally time to uncork Wine 1.0, a full-bodied vintage fifteen years in the making. With the arrival of this master-blended creation, users now have the features they've been longing for, including the ability to run some of the most desired Windows applications on Linux systems. more>>

Reddit Opens Up

The popular social bookmarking site Reddit announced yesterday that their code would now be open and free for scrutiny and contribution from the community. Citing transparency and giving back to the community that has given them the tools to build Reddit, they encourage users to visit and participate. more>>

Millions, Meltdown, and Mania are the Words of the Day for Mozilla

We think it's safe to say that Mozilla has achieved it's goal and set a new world record, with the download counter sitting at 6.5 million and still rising fast as of 9:00AM Eastern. more>>

Come Hang Out - Virtually!

We're having a few Linux Journal readers over to the office tonight at 5:30pm CDT. We'll talk about Linux, maybe exchange some tips and have good time (think Wii). We may even get a special guest or two. If you can't join us in Houston, join us online! more>>

Fire Up the Fox, It's Download Mania!

After three years, five betas, and three release candidates, it's finally here: Mozilla has officially released Firefox 3. more>>

Linux Product Insider: ROGCon Game Convention

This week's "Linux Product Insider" features the ROGCon Republic of Gamers Convention, IBM's Project Big Green Gets Greener, Rickford Grant's Ubuntu for Non-Geeks, 3rd Edition , Terra Soft's YDL PowerStation and Bergfrid Marie Skaara's eZ Publish Advanced Content Management. more>>

IBM May See DB2 Meet OSS

IBM has a long and strong history of supporting Open Source software — not the least of which is the harassment-fest endured from SCO — and it may be poised to add a bit more to their record, in the form of it's database management software DB2. more>>

Send Doc Your Wishes

Everyone's favorite Linux Journal Editor Doc Searls has been in the hospital suffering from pancreatitis with complications this last week. He'll be the first to tell you he'll be fine, but some well wishes never hurt anyone. more>>

Firefox 3 Is Given to the World – Or Maybe Not

As you may have noticed, Firefox 3 is released today. Excited by this prospect, the first thing I did when I got up was to rush to my computer to download it (yes, pathetic, I know). And what do I find? more>>

Rakarrack: Guitar FX For Linux

Linux-based guitar effects processors haven't exactly been flourishing recently. Until recently, the guitar FX processors page at listed twelve projects, of which the most recent maintenance date is 2006. Clearly, not a flourishing domain for Linux audio developers. Not that Linux lacks realtime effects processing capabilities: Pd can be pressed into any audio service imaginable, the JACK Rack can be configured for LADSPA-based effects, but they are not organized and optimized specifically for guitarists. However, a thirteenth entry has joined the collection at, and this entry is most definitely organized, optimized, and intended for guitarists. more>>

Becta Flipped Out for Friday the Thirteenth

Friday the Thirteenth is supposed to be a day full of bad luck, with misfortune lurking around every corner and monsters run amok. Perhaps it was coincidence, or maybe the full moon, but for the Open Source community across the pond, the jinx was in full force. more>>

Killing "Tap to Click"

I'm about to travel which usually means getting my ASUS Z3300 ready to travel. While it is less than perfect (mostly because of its small keyboard) it is the right size for a trip. The only real irritation I have had with it is the synaptics touchpad. Or, more accurately, the tap to click feature. It just doesn't seem to be compatible with the way I type. more>>

Canada Creates Copyright Controversy with Half-and-Half Bill

The digital world has provided endless opportunities to expand and distribute content — and a near-endless stream of tactics from corporate forces to keep that content under very tight control. Under new legislation proposed in Canada, some of those restrictive tactics would lose their sting, though others seem poised to head off the whole point at the pass. more>>

Banshee Wails its Way to 1.0

The coming of the banshee isn't generally considered a welcome appearance, however, it was last week as the Banshee jukebox reached its first stable release with Version 1.0. more>>

Convert a File to a C Data Structure

Yesterday's post about embedding a file in an executable has gotten a couple of replies about programs that will convert the file to a C data structure. This is certainly an option, here's a script that does that without the need to go searching for programs, it uses standard Linux tools: more>>

What it's all about . . .

Ever wonder why a guy like me writes all these articles, pens all these books, gives talks at trade shows, universities, or appears on radio and television. It's not the fame and glory (there isn't much anyhow). No, it's something entirely different. more>>

Are There Any Evil Distros?

If you take a gander at the number of Linux distributions listed at Distrowatch, you'll find there are tons of "forks" and "offshoots" from one distribution to another. With Linux, we have the freedom to do that, but I'm curious if there are any Linux flavors that are truly offensive to people. more>>

OpenOffice Drops a New Version, and the Heaps are Overflowing

Bugfixes have been big this week, with patches pouring forth from proprietary and Open Source projects alike. Drifting down the security stream is a new version of OpenOffice, pushing a critical security patch and perking things up with a barge-load of new features. more>>